Hamish Docherty

How much do you really know about Scotland?

Do you know what year St Andrews was founded?

DRA Ball: Debrief

The DRA ball committee proved that great music, a large dance floor and a variety of entertainment, makes for a fantastic night, fit even for a member of her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Union legend Sandy has passed away

We will always remember his ties

The best costumes of Raisin 2015

Surprisingly few inflatable penises…

Meet Charlotte Adams, your union DJ

She spins us right round

Bodies, blind horses and bestiality rumours: A conversation with Equus

Provocative, brutal and bare (literally)

A reply to the Edinburgh Tab

It’s time to recognise the Edinburgh tab’s St Andrews article for what it really is – lacking in research.

The Problem with Online Petitions

The ability of voicing your concern with just a few clicks may increase the amount of people speaking, but is sincerity the price of such convenience?

Why it’s ok to be ‘Cold’

I’m busy, not rude

Local boy takes down street preacher ‘in the most Scottish way possible’

No, it’s not a Glasgow kiss…

Test drive: A review of the e-Car club

Affordable, easy to use and rather plush – what’s not to like?

The Alternative Fresher’s Week

Non-alcoholic Freshers’ Weeks are becoming more popular. Has the trend hit St Andrews?

St Andrews’ aMAZEing new psychology journal

If you do Psychology or Neuroscience this is the society for you.

St Andrews soars in university rankings 2016

In search of a May Ball ticket

April showers for May Ball queuers

University starts tackling substandard accommodation

International (Yik Yak) Love

Though St Andrews students may have been lacking from the town, they were absolutely not lacking from the app.

Mysterious library ‘SafePods’

The cost to build and install each ‘SafePod’ is £25,000.

Drugs and Cash raid in St Andrews

Student housing demonstration

Hamish talks accommodation with Louise Richardson and Catherine Stihler at the recent student demonstration.

St Andrews PhD student sentenced for assault

Pasquale Galianni admitted to committing two sexual assaults on campus, and was sentenced to five years in jail.

Tourist rescued from drowning on West Sands

A joke too far?

Does Albany Park have charity appeal?

Prêt a Queue?

Fear not, St Andrews, Empire lives on

Chips and cheese and eternity.

Same Golf Club committee re-elected amid AU warnings

Is there a problem with club culture?

Raisin 2014

Is it worth the chaos?

Students warned about Raisin anti-social behaviour

A unique experience, and one which most other universities would long since have prohibited