Uni of York is campaigning for Long Boi to go on BBC Radio 1 and it’s iconic

Greg James is shaking rn

The University of York has launched some kind of media campaign to get Long Boi speaking to actual Greg James on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, and it’s chaos but also quite iconic.

In an audio clip, which the official Uni of York TikTok account has posted, Greg can be heard talking about Long Boi, “the tallest duck in the UK who lives at the University of York”.

Greg says: “I said my rogue promise was that I’d like my final ever guest, whenever it happens that we do the final breakfast show. I then got a message from Long Boi – I got DMed by a duck yesterday – and also tweeted by the University of York”.

The official uni account tweeted saying: “I am listening and patiently waiting for my time to shine. I’ll be happy to join you on the Breakfast Show at the quack of dawn. Love, Longboi”.

The tweet also included an image, presumably photoshopped by someone at the uni, which shows Long Boi in a radio studio with headphones on, and the uni’s logo in the background. You can see it here:

Greg said: “Thank you to Long Boi for sending me that message. Here’s my dilemma. I really want to have Long Boi on the show. I really don’t want to stop doing the show. And I’m worried also, how long do ducks live?”

However, someone else in the studio did point out that Greg never specified which final show and said it could be the final show of 2022.

Could we see Long Boi rise to even more fame in the next few weeks with the lofty heights of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show?? I for one cannot wait.


There’s been some absolutely quackers goings-on at Radio 1 this week – listen above to find out what’s cracking 🦆 (Please note: this video includes references to a post-Long Boi world which some users may find distressing.) #UniOfYork #UoY #UniversityOfYork #longBoi #BBCRadio1

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