This is everything Uni of York is doing to help students with the cost of living crisis

Measures range from monetary support to discounted breakfasts

In light of the cost of living crisis, The University of York has put together a cost of living hub outlining both pre-existing and new measures of support for students. In a statement on the university website, York said they’re “very concerned about the impact of money worries” on students.

Similarly, The University of York Student Union has put together a page of resources that may be useful to students trying to understand the crisis and how it may affect them. Measures include financial support packages such as the household energy grants, and discounted breakfasts and brunches across campus.

So this is everything The University of York is doing to help students with the cost of living crisis.

Household energy grants 

Students living off-campus could be eligible to receive a grant worth £15o towards the cost of their energy bills. York’s Vice Chancellor said the support package is “aimed at supporting those students who live off campus and who face considerable financial pressure as energy bills rise”. Households must be all-student and have utility bills excluded from their rent, among other criteria, in order to qualify.

Various forms of funding are available

The Student Support Fund aims to support students “experiencing unexpected financial difficulty due to an unforeseen change in their circumstances” by providing long-term funding depending on eligibility. The university also offers short-term Emergency Loans which can be used to pay for food, utility bills and transport to sites of study. Students in need can also get food vouchers from the Student Support Hub via the support and advice self-referral form.

The full details of eligibility and levels of support available are outlined on the university’s webpage.

The library has suspended fines permanently 

The library has removed fines for all flexible loans at the beginning of the pandemic and have now decided to make the change permanent. They said that since people have been “doing their bit” to bring books back there’s no need to bring the charges back, especially in the face of the cost of living crisis where students may be put off accessing their resources out of concern over paying potential fines. Lost item charges still apply.

YUSU’s Activities Access Grants

The University of York Student Union has just received more funding for its Activities Access Grants, which allow students to claim up to £80 towards membership costs for student groups and a further £80 towards participation costs including equipment, playing kit, transport costs and trip fees. They hope that the grants will make “participation more equitable and accessible”

You can get breakfast on campus for 40p

To avoid students skipping the most important meal of the day, YUSU has organised for affordable breakfasts to be available on campus. Between 8:30-11 am on weekdays, beans on toast are available for 40p in the Courtyard.

Most colleges are offering free food throughout the week

Most of York’s colleges are offering free brunch or breakfast at least once a week, amongst other free food events throughout the term. Times, places and details of these events are available on the colleges’ Instagrams.

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