10 things all incoming freshers need to know about being at uni in York

The prospectus didn’t tell you THIS


With thousands of students receiving their A-Level results today and finding out which uni will be their new home from September, a whole new class of York freshers are getting ready to move to York.

The open days and prospectus will tell you all about York’s academic excellence and prestige. But there are certain things that will make your uni experience that you were definitely NOT told.

So if you’re a York fresher joining us in September, here is some advice the prospectus didn’t tell you about being at Uni in York.

1. Don’t stress too much about your College

Most York colleges have very strong stereotypes. Whether it’s Goodricke doesn’t exist, Constantine is full of posh girlies living on Daddy’s money, or that everyone in Derwent is a sesh head, each college is known for something. So before coming to York, being given my fifth choice College (Love you Halifax) I was DISTRAUGHT and desperately scrambled to try and change.

But after enduring College chants on the bus in Freshers’ Week and besides uni sports, no one really gives a shit what college you are in and everyone ends up thinking their college is the best anyway. I promise it’s not the end of your uni experience before it’s even begun if you’re not happy with the college you’re allocated.

2. Buy your College Freshers’ Week ticket

Speaking of Colleges, around this time of year there are A LOT of scammy Freshers’ Week events circling around group chats. The only tickets/wristbands we’d recommend getting are the official ones run by your college or the Student Union. Most other advertised events are probably fake and your college wristband will make sure you don’t miss out on all the events, including daytime ones, put on in Freshers’ Week.

3. Flares is without a doubt the best club

Cheesy music, good vibes, cheap drinks. What more could you want? I truly saw my mature side when in third year I began to accept Flares as the best club in York. IMMACULATE vibes. Get me back dancing to ABBA asap x

4. Don’t swim in the campus lake

No matter how much you want to meet the infamous Long Boi. You will catch so many diseases and probably introduce another World Pandemic. Just don’t do it.

5. Don’t do your weekly shop in Nisa

The on-campus Nisa is SO convenient when you’re in desperate need of emergency chocolate or booze for a last-minute pres but please, I BEG of you, do not do your weekly shop in there. If you can brave the walk, Aldi will be your new best friend or even chip in with your flatmates to pay for an online order. It’s just SO much cheaper.

6. 10 for 10 bus tickets

The 66 and 67 buses from campus to town will be your main mode of transport. So make sure to buy the 10 tickets for £10 on the First Bus app because it will save you SO much money since singles cost £2.20. And please use the bus back from nights out, Ubers will literally eat up your entire loan.

7. Explore the city not just at night

In my first year, I was definitely guilty of living in the uni bubble and only really going into town when I was going out out. But York is such a beautiful city with so much to do so make sure to explore it and do all the classic touristy things in your first year to really make the most of it. The Minster even has free entry with your Student ID!

Sober activities with your flatmates will also help you bond in a more meaningful way and actually let you get to know each other. Walk the walls, go to York’s many amazing cafes or activities like pottery painting at Bish Bash Pot or the York dungeons are always fun.

8. £4.20 treble vodka blue shits at Stone Roses and Lowther

Lowther and Stone Roses will be your new homes and Blue Shits will become part of your bloodstream. £4.20 for a treble vodka with a beautiful BLOO mixer is such a good deal and will become your go-to drink for pres before a Kuda Tuesday. Your tongue will be permanently blue, I promise you.

A York student classic.

9. The geese run the campus, be scared of them

There’s always a rumour going around campus that the geese outnumber the students. I don’t know if this is true but it definitely feels like it is. They are TERRIFYING and you will definitely ruin your whitest trainers with their shit. Long Boi is exempt from this of course x

10. Join societies

This one seems generic and literally EVERYONE says it but for a good reason. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up best mates with your flatmates but they’re not the only people at uni. More often than not, you really meet your group by joining societies and York has so so many weird and wonderful ones to get involved in, no matter your interests.

From classic uni sports to Swift Soc and Hummus Soc, there will be something for you. Also, make sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram if you fancy joining the coolest group on campus and fancy writing for us!!

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