Here is what type of York student all of the Bridgerton characters would be

From their subject to their society we have it ALL figured out

Bridgerton is BACK for an incredible second season and it’s fair to say I am completely and utterly obsessed. From the gowns and the hairstyles to the scandal and the gossip it certainly makes for an encaptivating watch.

The Bridgertons, the Featheringtons, and the Sharmas provide more drama than a term’s worth of Wednesday Salvos combined. So we were wondering…how would these iconic characters fit into the Uni of York scene?

Oh and don’t worry, this is a season two spoiler-free zone (for those of you saints who didn’t binge it all in one day).

Daphne Bridgerton

Let’s begin with the diamond of the first season and the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family. Daphne makes her mother proud (and everybody  JEALOUS) when she marries The Duke in the first season of the show. She is very family-oriented so probably lives right near York and goes home every weekend. She’d most definitely make sure you eat your five a day (and not just pesto pasta) and hold your hair back after too many tequila shots.

Daphne would be a model Nursing or Midwifery student at York and would THRIVE in the role of flat/house mother.

Simon Basset (The Duke)

The Duke is unfortunately absent from season two of Bridgerton, leaving us with no choice but to label him as a York uni drop out. Sorry Simon!

Penelope Featherington

Quiet and intelligent Penelope is the youngest Featherington, best friend to Eloise and some might say the star of the show (wink wink). Penelope’s love for reading and writing makes it clear that she would be a dedicated English student and probably an avid LitSoc member. She’d definitely know all the best independent book shops and cafes in town for a catch up.

We also think that Penelope would make a PERFECT addition to the York Tab team keeping up with all the best on-campus gossip.

Anthony Bridgerton

Powerful and disciplined Anthony Bridgerton would be the kind of student whose idea of fun is staying in every night and waking up at 5am to go for a run. Either that or he’d wake up at a stupid time to go rowing.

Anthony takes pride in being the eldest Bridgerton child and owns the title of Viscount. He would study something like Business or Economics and would probably get firsts in all of his assignments. He definitely has a fancy grad scheme in London lined up for after ui.

Managing his family’s economic affairs would make him a perfect fit for York’s Investment and Finance society. He’d definitely be the president or treasurer of it too.

Benedict Bridgerton

As the second Bridgerton son Benedict is most definitely more fun and laid back than his older brother. He relishes in teasing his siblings, making him the perfect fit for York’s Comedy Soc.

Benedict’s appearances in season two show him discovering a newfound love for painting so he would most definitely study Art History and probably be a member of the student-led Norman Rea Gallery. He would definitely be more cool and edgy than you.

Colin Bridgerton

Cool, calm and collected Colin Bridgerton is the third son and it’s fair to say he has so far blended into the background quite a lot.

His love for traveling means that he would probably study Geography and we can imagine Colin to prefer a quiet and relaxed pint in The Charles with a few mates over a Wednesday Salvos any day.

The amount he went on about his travelling however suggests he would have taken a gap yah before coming to York and made it his entire personality trait.

Eloise Bridgerton

Rebellious Eloise Bridgerton struggles to fit in with the other young ladies and detests everything to do with the marriage season. She has no interest in finding a suitor and her friendship with Penelope shows her to definitely be a girls girl.

Eloise’s passion for gender equality would make her a perfect member of FemSoc and we can definitely see her getting stuck into a debate in her Sociology seminar! She’d definitely attend every and all protests in York.

Edwina Sharma

Season two newcomer Edwina is trained by her sister Kate to be the perfect diamond. She impresses the Queen with her beauty and grace and her vast musical talent would make her a model Music student at York.

Edwina would be the kind of student who bakes her flatmate a birthday cake from scratch and always keeps her dignity, even when ABBA comes on in Flares. That takes TRUE skill.

She’d be the one telling her flatmates it’s not such a good idea to steal a cone after a night out and freaking out that they’d all get arrested for it.

Kate Sharma

Strong and independent Kate Sharma is another season two newcomer who does not disappoint. Kate is very protective of her younger sister and would do anything to provide for her family, even if that means sacrificing her own happiness. Kate teaches her younger sister how to be a respectable wife in order to find her a suitor and she wants to be a teacher so she would probably study Education at York.

Kate’s loyalty and leadership qualities would also make her a PERFECT college president- maybe even YUSU pres? Girlboss, gaslight gatekeep vibes x

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