We asked York students what they’re giving up for Lent

Scootering to uni is one you all need, please stop

It’s that time of the year again. With pancake day food babies proudly on show, last week officially began Lent. Lent, traditionally, is a Christian observation period where you spend 40 days fasting and reflecting on your faith.

Nowadays, Lent is a time where people try and give things up, from bad habits to guilty pleasures, for 40 days. And as uni students, we realistically have a lot we’d benefit from giving up for a while.

We asked on our Instagram, what things York students are giving up for lent and the responses really were a rollercoaster. So here are all the things York students are giving up for lent.


The number of people that said this is wildly concerning but I’d have to agree, you gotta do what’s good for you x


I can’t lie, your big mistake was taking chemistry in the first place.

This is an actual slide from a second year Chemistry lecture

My dissertation

I feel you on this one but that sounds like a bad idea, you’re so close.

Paying rent

To be honest I think you could make a good life for yourself in the Church Lane Building.


If you don’t have a toxic relationship with TikTok you’re built different and I’m probably very jealous.


Wise choice. There are only so many “six foot if that matters” bios you can actually endure.


Also a wise choice.


But at what cost?

You won’t be this smiley without your caffeine fix


Again at what cost?


A classic. Guaranteed you’ll cave the second you consume a drop of alcohol.

The will to live

I’m impressed you’ve kept it this long.


I believe in you! Your nose and wallet will probably thank you for this one.


I’m sure you’ll miss the sweaty bodies and hearing Pump it Up three times in one night.

My situationship

Please, and I beg you, give up on this for good.

Indie boys with mullets

I feel this one on a spiritual level. Mullet = red flag, sorry.

Reading the York Tab

Red flag. This one’s gotta take the prize as the most stupid decision ever (even more than indie mullet boys).

Adding”ussy” to the end of every word

The York Tabussy 💅

I’m just giving up

Can I join?

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