Here are the most aesthetic places to take photos in York

To prove to your Insta that you’re hot and cultured

Living in York, we all know by now that our campus isn’t usually the most attractive. Our city however, is absolutely gorgeous. Whether you’re a sucker for modernism, or brutalism, we can all agree that the medieval architecture in York is jaw dropping.

York is unapologetically photogenic, and I’ve done the job for you and found the best places you can go to take photos for your Instagram, to flex on all your friends studying elsewhere.

Heslington Hall

Hes Hall is the staple picture for every York student’s Instagram. An old, historic building, the hall is absolutely stunning, especially during sunset and peak hours of the day. Built in 1568 for the clerk to the Council of the North, Heslington Hall has its background set in the Wars of the Roses, and now serves as the administrative base for the uni.

If you haven’t gone to take a picture already, this article surely should persuade you so you can perceive Heslington Hall in all of its beauty yourself. It’s a STAPLE for a diss hand in or graduation pic.

York Art Gallery

The Art Gallery in York is host to a whole range of paintings and sculptures set to appeal to every person’s taste. From Renaissance era paintings to more modern, interpretive pieces, York Art Gallery is incredible for artsy photos to post on your Insta, while setting you out as someone who appreciates the arts in life.

York Minster

Now, it won’t be a post about how gorgeous York is without mentioning the Minster. York Minster is the backdrop for every photo ever taken in York. Standing in the middle of the city, York Minster is rich with history and the architecture is one to die for. Built in the 13th century, walking into the York Minster literally feels like you’re transporting back in time.

Difficult to miss, the Minster is perfect for an Instagram shot.

Cosy Club

If you prefer places to take pictures while having a few drinks with your mates, Cosy Club is the one for you. Aesthetically pleasing, Cosy Club in York mixes together a brilliant balance of class and appealing to  students who want to go for a boozy bottomless brunch.

Shambles Market

Once again, this article wouldn’t be about the most aesthetic places in York if I didn’t include the Shambles. With stunning architecture, and incredibly narrow streets, Shambles is a brilliant place to take photos that give off that unique Harry Potter-esque look. A place quite literally used as the inspiration for Diagon Alley, Shambles is a popular tourist hotspot and a beautiful place to take pictures with friends.

If you go late at night or early in the morning you can dodge the tourists and get some quality pics your followers will EAT UP.

Minstergate Books

York has a selection of beautiful book stores in small, timid buildings hidden across the city centre, but while small in structure, they are absolutely massive in beauty. Take a trip to any book store in town and you’ll find a beautiful place to take aesthetic photos for your Insta. All while showing off how intellectual you are. Because that’s what uni is about, right?

Antique stores

Similar to the book stores, antique stores across York are incredible for taking cute photos with your friends. To help finish off your intellectual-but-cool Instagram feed, take a stroll into centre and take some snapshots in antique stores across town, you’ll be amazed at how they can turn out.

Literally any main street to the Minster

To finish off, it’s only appropriate to say that every high street in York is utterly beautiful. The architecture in our town is incredible, and sometimes you can just get that absolutely perfect snapshot of an empty street that completely revitalises your Instagram feed. Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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