We asked York students for their first-year regrets so you don’t make the same mistakes

What happens in first year stays in first year, right?

Whether you’ve committed flatcest again, drunkenly got with your ex in Salvos, or simply not shown your face in a seminar all term, mistakes and regrets are definitely a sign of a healthy and normal uni experience.

Naturally, being a fresher can be very overwhelming, especially with the picture-perfect feeds of social media to live up to. Reality, unfortunately, isn’t so easily filtered or edited and definitely doesn’t show you £600 in your overdraft or throwing up outside Salt and Pepper.

We asked 15 Uni of York students what their biggest first-year regrets were so that you don’t make the same mistakes. Or do, it’s all a learning curve after all.

Party hard

Ask any uni student one of their biggest regrets and you can almost guarantee that their story will include some form of alcohol-induced messiness. And if it’s a York student it’s definitely along the lines of falling asleep on the 66 cradling cheesy chips and gravy.

A messy night out is the perfect resolution for a much-needed change to the world of academia, so grab your (questionably) cheap vodka and try not to make these same regrets of some of these York students.

Not buying a platinum card.” It’s worth it just to avoid getting hyperthermia in the club queue tbh.

“Sleeping with a guy in my block in freshers.”

Sleeping in the corridor after losing my keycard.” Keep those babies safe.

“Not going to more socials!” 

“Ending the first Freshers’ event in A&E after cracking my head open.” Maybe don’t go this hard.

The drama of second-year housing

This may be the most important decision you make since choosing those top five universities on UCAS.

Of course, it is nothing to stress about and you will have plenty of time to figure out your optimum choice of housemates. But also don’t leave it too late so that the only house left is one with a bath in the kitchen. Or one in deep, dark Tang Hall x

“Not getting second-year accommodation done sooner.” 

“Signing for the first house we saw.”

“Not getting to know my housemates more before moving in.” 

“Living with someone who has never heard of bleach.” You will question some people’s reality of cleanliness.

The dating scene 

Although uni may seem the perfect time to find your soul-mate and write that romantic story of the first meeting in Salvos, you also need to be able to explore your individuality whilst navigating uni life.

“Having a relationship and seeing them pretty much 24/7.” 

“Neglecting making friends to try and date.”

“Getting my first boyfriend and as a result missing out on making friends.”

“Got into a relationship pretty much straight away and didn’t get to find out who I was properly.” 

Relationships are magical but make sure you’ve experienced plenty as an individual first. No one wants their whole uni experience to be dominated by a relationship that didn’t last past first-year.

Explore York while you can 

When will you live in such a historically rich and exciting city again? Make the most of it while you can.

York has something to offer for everyone whatever your interests, so grab your shoes and leave the comfort of campus life and not just for a Sunday Revs or Wednesday Salvos.

“I wish I had done more day trips into town.” 

“I wish I had left the flat more, and not just for a night out.” 

“Finding more bars and restaurants.” There are more bars out there than Spoons, surprisingly.

“I wish I discovered Museum Gardens sooner.” 

No one’s uni experience is perfect, there’s no rule book to follow. Get out there and make some memories, and potentially some regrets along the way. Don’t worry, any regret you have, someone else will definitely have one very similar.

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