Symptom-free Covid rapid testing is now available on York’s Campus East

Students visiting campus are urged to get tested

A pop-up Covid testing centre has now opened on the University of York’s East Campus to increase Covid testing capacity this Spring. Symptom-free testing will be available to all students in the Junior Common Room in the Goodricke College Nucleus. Testing will be available from Monday to Thursday 10AM to 2PM. Unlike booking a test at the Sports Centre on Campus West, students will need to use a different booking system found here.

Symptom-free Covid rapid testing is still available on Campus West, operating on:

  • Monday and Wednesday 10AM to 6:50PM
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8AM to 4:20PM
  • Saturday and Sunday 10AM-4PM

To book a test here you need to visit the City of York Council booking system.

The University of York is urging any students who visit campus regularly “to get tested regularly (two tests a week, three days apart)”, this includes all students who are still receiving in-person teaching.

In the latest email update from the Vice-Chancellor, students have been told that “these tests have already found more than forty cases where people didn’t have any symptoms” which could of led to “hundreds more infections among students, but also among other you come into contact with.”

The VC stated “We all need to make sure that we are not unknowingly contributing to any transmission of Covid-19, and we all need to play our part.”

Testing should become “part of your normal routine” for all students in York.

The email also acknowledges Summer Term planning, with the University of York “very much looking forward to more in-person activity for those able to be in York” and “if we are allowed- to reopen recreational and sports activities.”

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