York year abroad students able to ‘request a waiver’ amid Covid-19 response

Following the temporary closure of some placement universities

York students on year abroad programmes have been told, the University of York has contingency plans in place, in the eventuality that students are “unable to complete” their studies abroad “wherever the destination due to the current situation.”

This update follows on from “various universities in Europe deciding to close down for a two-week period.”

The email reassures students that if their semester two placement is affected by Covid-19 then they’re able to “request a waiver of component two” which will act as “evidence of successful completion.”

Component two is the part of the semester that acts as evidence of attendance. This usually means a Certificate of Attendance for university placements abroad.

In another email sent to Language students from York, the following advice has been issued:

“If students want to return to the UK and wait for classes to resume then that is their choice.”

“They should consult all information available to them and should make sure that they do not do anything that goes against FCO advice” (Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

The advice also confirms that student’s Erasmus grant will be maintained “during the closure of host organisations” but only as long as students are planning to stay or will be returning abroad to continue studies.

The York Tab spoke to Zac, who is studying abroad at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Zac had already planned a return to the UK before Spain declared a state of emergency over Covid-19.

Speaking to the York Tab, Zac said:

“I am pleased to be back in the UK as I can avoid the uncertainty of having to be kept in quarantine.”

When asked his opinion on how well the University of York are doing at keeping year abroad students informed, Zac told the York Tab:

“The staff at York have been good, saying that I can still pass the second component by completing the year abroad essay which is helpful.”

University of York students studying abroad and on campus can find the most up to date information regarding Covid-19 and their studies here.