Battle of day time telly, the ultimate top 10 ranked

Is this the most controversial ranking yet?

Come Dine With Me or a lecture? I think we all know the answer…

Because we all know that after a binge session of Four in a Bed, one episode more is way more appealing than a 2-hour seminar. The right decision? Probably not. But what else is Uni for?

If you haven’t seen some of these top quality TV shows, then get out from underneath a rock and under a blanket on the sofa…its time to miss some lectures.

What better form of procrastination?

(Disclaimer: I understand that the controversial act of ranking daytime TV can be a personal and sensitive topic, which is why I have included a poll at the bottom of the page, so that YOU can decided which the best daytime TV show is…)

10. Flog It!

Does Flog It! even deserve a place in this? Would we miss it if it stopped airing? Many questions that only people aged over 60+ would answer ‘yes’ to.

9. Homes Under the Hammer

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I can’t tell whether its the late 90s/early 2000s edits, cheesy music or over-enthusiastic presenting that makes this programme such a pleasure to watch. There is nothing more satisfying than a home renovation, or on the odd occasion, no transformation at all. It does leave you pondering whether your uni house could do with some form of renovation however…

8. Four in a Bed

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Where do I begin with Four in a Bed? Four pairs competing to earn the Four in a Bed trophy, judging each other’s B&B’s by staying in them for a night…QUALITY Television. The best part of the show has to be at the end where the contestants confront each other about their scoring of each other, we live for the drama.

7. Dress to Impress

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Whilst we may not ‘dress to impress’ at uni, this show is a reminder of how we could look if we actually made an effort, which seems like a distant memory of the first week in first year. However, the outfits aren’t always impressive, which of course adds to the entertainment of the show and makes us feel much better for hibernating on the sofa wearing joggers, a PJ top and sliders.

6. Tipping Point

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An absolute classic. Ben Shephard as host and four contestants VS a coin machine? The perfect combination if you ask me. Although the concept may seem slightly simple, you and your housemates will find yourselves hooked. The suspense of whether a counter will drop or not, and the easy questions make it a good quiz show to do with your housemates. Not quite Come Dine With Me, but still worthy of the Top 10.

5. A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?

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What better way to cure travel blues than watching A Place in the Sun? We’ve all been there; its the middle of term, everyone is ill and watching TV in an attempt to distract themselves from looming deadlines. The sunshine, sea and sand are a perfect comfort for our run-down and unmotivated bodies. Home or Away? Either seems a luxury compared to the cold and grey vibes at uni mid-term.

4. Escape to the Country

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Escape to the Country. Oh how we would love to. Whilst we sit shivering on the sofa in our student accommodation, the prospect of a cosy cottage in the beautiful countryside couldn’t seem more ideal. Although the programme may be filled with cheesy transitions and over-enthusiastic presenters, Escape to the Country is a warm hug on a cold student day.

3. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA

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A British icon (and very angry man), Gordon Ramsay provides us with just the sort of fast-paced content every student enjoys when missing their third lecture of the week. We love nothing more than seeing failing restaurant owners get ripped apart by Ramsay, and the USA version adds a bit of American drama to the show. Although the disgusting state of some of the kitchens and the shouting, shouting and more shouting may be a bit too intense for when nursing a hangover on the sofa.

2. Dinner Date

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Dinner Date. The TV show that lets us peer inside homes as we watch two singles on a blind date, awkwardly trying to find a connection over not-so-great food and often few too many drinks. Nevertheless, this all adds to the entertainment of the show, letting us judge from the comfort of our sofas who we think would make the best match. Although the couples rarely ever end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, this programme is a classic, making our procrastination all that better.

1. Come Dine With Me

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Dear lord, what a sad little life we led. A reminder that our meals at uni perhaps aren’t quite as bad as they seem. The arguments? We live for it. The eccentric characters? We love the drama. The meal disasters? We suddenly find pesto pasta very appealing. This show guarantees to stop you from doing anything productive as you are about to leave for your seminar, instead inviting you to a permanent position on the sofa for the rest of term.

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