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Everything you need to know about the beef between the York meme pages

Yorfessions was taken down

York's popular confessions page "Yorfessions" was removed from Facebook yesterday.

In its place, three confessions pages have since emerged – "Yorfess III" (Yorfessions was the second iteration of Yorfess after the initial page was taken down last year) as well as two more which are simply named "Yorfess."

Many are confused as to which is the real page so The York Tab decided to investigate what exactly has gone on. This is all of the tea:

Multiple Yorfess pages emerged

When asked about the situation, an admin of Yorfess III told The York Tab: "Fake one was the one called Yorfess with the same graphics as ours. We're not sure whether yorkmemes are the ones running the new page but we know they're definitely involved. The admins of the fake page are still getting salty and sending us hate which is pretty funny.

"The other lesser known page called Yorfess was set up by an editor we trialled for a few weeks. She didn't pass the trial and has been trying to get back onto the team since, despite us repeatedly telling her no.

"The admins of the fake page are basically sending us abuse because they're pissed that their master plan failed." They also accused the lesser known page of paying for their content to be sponsored.

The York Tab was also shown screenshots of messages that the original Yorfess admins received on their Instagram, from an account run by the new page with the username @yorfess_. The Instagram username of the original page is @yorfess1.

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@yorfess_ sent messages that read "seem like you're a little triggered lol" and "I know for a fact that if you didn't care about it you'd have just ignored. You're amplifying to hide the fact that actually, it's kinda true and kinda funny."

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Yorfess III also told The Tab: "We've just found the whole thing hilarious. Although it did mean I spent all of yesterday getting the word out about the new page so lost a day's work on a commission I'm doing at the moment, so I guess technically I've also ended up paying for promotion rip."

A separate admin also confirmed to The Tab from his personal Facebook that Yorfess III is legit.

The new page speaks out

The Tab also spoke to the new Yorfess page. They said: "We are a bunch of new admins, not connected to the "Yorfessions" people that ran the page that got taken down, but have been involved in some capacity with previous iterations of "Yorfess." Basically, we got fed up of the old page being rubbish, so when one of us noticed their reach dying out, a thing that one of us knows a lot about since they run a large left-wing political meme page, we saw the opportunity to set up our own, properly. "Yorfess III" and the Instagram handle "yorfess1" are actually administered by a man in Surrey, which both pages will deny despite the fact some of their posts are geotagged at Uni of Surrey library and the eight or so admins hide behind alt (fake) accounts. Yorfess III and co. keep sending us really really weird messages, sending ominous threats and being really beggy, so since they are salty and overly invested that's just been more motivation to continue to be honest.

"We aren't associated with YorkMemes on Instagram, and last time we tried to contact them they ignored our DMs after saying they didn't want anymore "beef" themselves."

York Memes are also involved

In addition to these confessions pages, yorkmemes have announced on their Instagram that they will be launching a separate confessions page.

In a post, they wrote "We're making our own confessions page on Facebook – no, not yorfess 4 (or 5?), but very different.

It'll be entirely separate and not in competition with yorfess (any of them). Pretty much anything goes – we don't care that much about Facebook so banning isn't a worry – send in your craziest and weirdest confessions."