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New accommodation is being built on Hes East

Around 1400 new bedrooms are being added to campus

Two new colleges are currently being built on Heslington East in order to increase the amount of on-campus accommodation for students.

These new colleges will add 1400 new bedrooms to the University of York. In addition to the bedrooms, there will also be social spaces added to campus as part of the colleges.

The plans for the new colleges were first revealed by Nouse, back in 2016 when 500 freshers missed out on on-campus accommodation.

According to the university's website, it has been designed to "optimise the beautiful landscape and will be built with respect for the existing ecological diversity around the lake."

The new colleges will be located on the west side of Heslington East. This is in order to strengthen the link between the two campuses. In addition, the location has also been chosen with a view to "maximising views of the lake and surrounding parkland."

Work has already began to add these new colleges to campus. It is hoped that they will expand the university's capacity to house students, improve the accommodation offerings to students and enable more York students to experience the collegiate system. Currently, some students have to live off-campus in their first year and may not receive the full benefits of college life.

The work is currently in its preparatory phase and this is expected to continue until February 2020. As part of the work, utilities and infrastructure will be diverted, the ground stabilised and the site's footprint will be levelled.

There will be no closures of pathways or parking spaces in the short term as a result of this project.

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