An important, honest and much needed A-Z guide to the University of York

Here’s everything they don’t, but should, include in the prospectus

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Going off to university can be a daunting thing for freshers – moving away from home for the first time and having to live in a new city can be scary.

That's why we've compiled an A-Z guide to York, using our experience to let you know what you actually need to know about the University of York and not just what the prospectus says.

Alcuin pre-drinks

Yeah, maybe avoid? It seems location to the library equals a boring pres.

Buses, or more specifically the 66a

Never will you ever appreciate and love public transport until you see the beautiful glow of the 66a. The quickest route into town. Definitely invest in a bus pass, you will save so much money.


Wooooow, never has it been so easy to eat and drink so much on campus in between lectures. YoYo does not help (see why at Y). Also the cheesy nachos are simply beautiful and a total no-shame sharer meal for one, yay!

Derwent College

You may hear, a few times, that Derwent has asbestos.


THE takeaway in York, not much to debate.

Freshers' Fair

Honestly you are not p r e p a r e d for the number of leaflets, posters, discount codes, pens and condoms you shall acquire. Do not sign up for everything you see though, when you most likely stop making the socials at week three you'll still be receiving emails till year three. Very annoying.


As if you didn't know already. Yeah they're basically the campus big-timers so always avoid eye contact, take alternative routes, give them your food and wallet if they come at you in a large group and don't talk trash about them because they will literally come and shit on your doorstep. But yeah, love the wildlife at York xxxx

Hes East

Yes, it may have premium accommodation (and real 'gram vibes) but it does not have much of a social atmosphere. Well, you have to really hunt for it, just like the place itself. Middle of nowhere mate.

Instagram and York go hand-in-hand

We don't need to see every Yorkshire Pudding Wrap and Fibbers' "what the f*** have you done?" sign all the time pls. As much as we understand you'd want to show off our cool city to the followers at home.

Third one this month, stopppppp

Jumping in the Central Hall lake

Not advised. Don't do it. Yes, a fascination with Europe's largest plastic-bottomed lake may entice a cheeky swim but unless you want to catch all sorts of diseases, don't give in to the temptation. Tell this to your drunk self too.

Kuda Tuesdays

Every Tuesday it's always a good decision. You can always count on a good time.

Library Help Desk

Closes at 7pm btw guys. Important info.

Merch from the YUSU shop (RIP)

Well we hope you don't need reminding what uni you attend, so why wear the hoodies in the library aaaaall the time? Please promote elsewhere.

Nisa on campus

How it should be pronounced ("Nice-ah") vs how every UoY student pronounces it ("Nee-sah"). Don't get it wrong (well, right).


York's famous river. Seen across many Snapchat and Insta stories, especially during summer term at The King's Arms pub and outside Lowther. Most definitely a vibe.

Platinum cards for UoY club nights

QUEUE JUMP and FREE ENTRY ALL YEAR to every official UoY club night. If you're planning on hitting up Fibbers every Thursday and (of course) Salvos every Wednesday, this is a must have!

Quiz at D-Bar

The famous D-Bar Quiz. You might enjoy it but others do find better alternatives to their Friday nights. A good chance to pre though AND D-Bar have Strongbow Dark Fruits on tap sooooooo.


Basically your attendance at UoY is not at all confirmed until you have a classic pic outside Revolution. If you're super inventive you might make it to Clubbers of the Week, no dabs allowed though.


Salvation (aka Salvos)

Hi, welcome to the undisputed King of York's nightlife. Sweat. Society pres. Sport socials. So so so many VKs. Sweat. Strange outfits. Sick bangerz. Stumbling home. The end.

Tiki Bar

The coolest part of Kuda, with a playlist of classic RnB and Hip Hop tunes. Yeah there's a camper van, if you ever come across it empty, it's such a vibe for pics and for some, the perfect pulling spot.

University of York

It is not York University because that's in Canada. We are the University of York.

This is York University not the University of York

Viking Raid

A real highlight of Freshers' Week. A nod to York's Viking history in the form of pure pure sesh – a huge bar crawl bringing all colleges together. The perfect welcome to York's diverse nightlife.


No joke, this is a real street.

(e)Xceptional circumstances

You only need 40 per cent to make it to second year anyway. No stress xxx

They say study what you love – this guy did his dissertation on memes

Yoyo wallet

A lifesaver and oops, bank-breaker. The contactless payment app for students, and you can earn points!!! Sometimes enough for a song request in Courtyard, now if that's not worth spending and saving for, I don't know what is.

Zooming cyclists

Try not to walk on the cycle paths around campus. Even when you think the coast is clear to do so, a cyclist will literally come whizzing past from nowhere. Deadly.