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Extinction Rebellion have placed a banner on Central Hall

This comes ahead of their second International Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion York have hung a banner on Central Hall during the YUSU Freshers' Fair.

Extinction Rebellion have revealed this banner in the same week that YUSU have declared climate emergency and that the Vice chancellor declared that the University of York has divested from fossil fuels.

This also comes after Extinction Rebellion activists glued themselves to the gate at the University of Manchester's Freshers' Fair last month. The group have also staged "die-ins" at both Newcastle and Northumbria's Freshers' Fair.

The York group has previously pressured the council into declaring climate emergency, held a "funeral for our future" and participated in the climate strikes.

The banner reads "LONDON OCT 7 ACT NOW" and features the Extinction Rebellion logo.

The 7th October 2019 is the date that Extinction Rebellion's second International Rebellion is due to start. This action will see the group and its allies gather for two weeks in major cities worldwide.

A similar action took place back in July. The group sought to cause disruption in major cities such as Leeds, London, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow to bring attention to the climate emergency.

Similar banners have gone on display across York, notably at Clifford's Tower and Scarborough Bridge.

Extinction Rebellion will also be hosting a talk at the University of York. This will take place on Tuesday 8th October 2019 in the Physics building from 5PM to 6PM. The talk is called "The Secret Life of Extinction Rebellion York" and all are invited.

Merry Dickinson, YUSU Environment and Ethics Officer and co-coordinator of Extinction Rebellion York told York Vision: "October Rebellion starts on Monday and we need everyone to join us in rebellion against our government to demand climate action from a state that has failed us for too long.

"Particularly for students – this is your future on the line and the time to act is now."