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Hundreds of York students join climate strike in town centre

The VC gave staff half an hour off to join in

York students today took part in today's global climate strike, marching in the town centre.

The strike began at 11:30am in St Helen's square with staff and students from the University of York taking place.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of York, Charlie Jeffreys, gave staff half an hour off to participate in the strikes.

Speaking to The Tab, Steph "Effy" Hale, Wellbeing Officer, said: "I think it's amazing, I think it's really really great to see so many people here, particularly so many students.

I think the fact that there are so many people that I personally recognise from York is really fantastic and it shows that we're actually taking it seriously.

I think it's also great for our new VC to give staff time off to come down and participate in the assembly so I think it's really good that York is actually taking a stand , particularly students from the university are being really really active and showing their voice."

Mark Matthews, co-coordinator of Extinction Rebellion York and joint YUSU Environment and Ethics Officer, described the action as the "biggest strike we've had so far."

Another protester told The Tab that although he was "sceptical about the whole idea of coming to a rally like this" but he realised that it's important to "come here and waste some time so that people know what's going on."

Vaanya, also attending the strike, told The Tab: "I think climate change is very frightening" adding that it is "not an issue in the past, but something that is happening right now."

There were also some children in attendance at the strike, with one wishing to say "goodbye to deforestation" and "hello to more trees" while another felt like the government "was not doing enough about climate change and if they keep continuing the way they are doing, we're all gonna die." Mood.

A Greenpeace volunteer was also "really impressed by the turnout."

Chloe had also travelled from 7 miles outside of York to protest "government inaction on climate change."