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Macky Gee announced as Big D’s second headliner!

He brings his ‘tour’ to Derwent

Following the Scouting for Girls' lead singer being announced as the first headliner for Big D, The Tab can now reveal that Macky Gee is the second headliner for this year's festival.

Macky Gee is a drum & bass musician whose debut album "Sway" made it into the UK's top 20 in 2016. He is also a member of D&B act SaSaSaS who have sold out clubs across Europe. You can check out his promo vid below.

His music includes songs such as "Tour," "Black Widow" and "Aftershock." You can listen to "Tour," the most streamed track on UKF's D&B channel in 2017, below.

Tickets have been on sale since last week – what are you waiting for??