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Which 1975 tune is your college at York?

It may not be living if it’s not in York, but does your college fit the correct 1975 tune?

I think it's fair to say that everybody has gone mad over the 1975, but have you stopped to think which song fits your college? You may believe that everyone at uni longs for M.O.N.E.Y. and sex, but if you really stop and think about your other flatmates qualities you will see that you and your college mates fit a specific tune.

Constantine: M.O.N.E.Y.

Definitely the college which contains the most Fiat 500 girls, students who can't see beyond their dad's bank account or the freshers who receive the highest student loan, therefore believing themselves to be the new Alan Sugar – there's simply no in-between.

Vanbrugh: The Sound

Everybody knows that Vanbrugh freshers are here as failed musical wannabes and hence its only Vanbrugh students who can tell the musical sound of each other's hearts. Not only do they take the crown for best bands that have been started in their mum's garage, but they also act as the Constantine's of Hes West therefore, the lyric 'it’s just all about me, a sycophantic, prophetic, Socratic junkie wannabe' could have literally been written for Vanbrugh students.

Alcuin: Settle Down

Typically known as the boring college, everyone can safely say they have heard the phrase 'settle down' at 11PM by at least five of their fellow Alcuin flat buddies, when the pre drinking session music starts to disturb their early nights, integral to an Alcuin freshers schedule.

Derwent: Sex

The line 'there's only minutes before I drop you off' especially applies to Derwent boys. They probably haven't experienced this much attention, unless it was from their mum and therefore, have now beaten their personal best in the bedroom.

Langwith: Love It If We Made It

The second richest college and on Campus East, meaning they really are loving it, as they've already made it. You'd probably love it too if you made it to be rich like them or into one of their beds – either will do.

Goodricke: You

"It takes a bit more" than them to fill any social situation because it's easily the most forgotten about college. Students there could discover life on Mars, but nobody would ever find out.

James: Chocolate

Being the only catered college, would it really be wrong to assume that if hypothetically they were stranded on a deserted island, they would be first to narrow down which of their friends they could eat? The lyric "you bite your friends like chocolate" therefore, fits James rather well.

Halifax: UGH!

As this is the college furthest away on Hes West, I imagine that "UGH!" is frequently spoken as neither the students who live there will want to walk those miles to their classes nor will other students want to trek to see them.

Wentworth: A Change of Heart

Being the college that is solely filled with post grads, they could potentially beat themselves up about feeling too old to live on campus. Or equally, once they realise how annoying young freshers are the lyric "It's now my time to depart, I’ve just had a change of heart" would probably run through their minds.