A petition has been launched to bring a fish and chip shop to Hes East

Can’t think of a better plaice tbh

A York student has set up a change.org petition for a fish and chip shop to be established over on Heslington East.

Set up by a student going by the name "J B Morrell", the petition says:

"The students of this university deserve a place close to campus to enjoy such delicacies as chip butties and a good battered cod and chips. It seems as though this idea is in high demand and will really help southerners embrace the northern sea-side culture.

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Everyone loves a good fish and chip meal on a sunny day, and with the recent heatwave I believe it is ample time to bring student politic into a place we can all enjoy – petitioning for a fish and chip shop.

Please sign this to support a good cause,


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The inspiration for the petition came from a post on Yorfess

The University of York student behind the petition claims that they started the petition after seeing someone else's confession on Yorfess, telling The Tab: "I chose Hes East over Hes West as I live over there and there's not much here. Everyone loves a good fish and chips, especially us Northerners"

At the time of writing the petition has ten signatures, you can add your name to it by clicking here.