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Drop Sessions: York’s unique new night launches this Monday

Think bridging the gap between going out and staying in

Since Drop was launched in 2014 by York University student Arian Sarrafan, it has progressed from the early days of playing grime and garage at house parties to a successful club night attracting big names, such as AJ Tracey, Section Boyz and Zed Bias. Drop has grown into one of the loudest voices in the York music scene.

Throwing parties is what Drop do best, and now they are using the larger platform they have created to launch Drop Sessions. Arian described the initial idea behind the new event, saying "since we started Drop I've met and come across so many talented artists that deserve a spotlight. Having built Drop to something that actually has a voice and a following – and with a clear vision on how artists need to get recognition – now seems the perfect time to launch Drop Sessions."

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The premise of the Sessions is to bridge the gap between going out and staying in, offering less of a focus on an intense, hyped night and more of an emphasis on the artistic talent of the acts Drop can attract.

The unique style of the Sessions are different to anything else in York, with Sarrafan saying that they will provide "a deeper insight into the artists and their creative process, so the story behind the songs and the the artist themselves. I'll be interviewing all the artists that come on the show (there are some really exciting people lined up too) and by keeping the quality and using our networks we want to become a springboard for up and coming singers/rappers/producers to develop their careers and be given a voice. It's almost like an art exhibition where you sit, chill out and appreciate what's happening in front of you."

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The first event, kicking off next week

The first Drop Session is on Monday the 13th November and will feature the exciting talents of JD Cliffe, a previous York student turned rapper who is based in London. Tickets are exceptionally limited, so to counter this Arian has decided that "all the sessions are gonna be livestreamed and then put up on Youtube afterwards for people to watch – in the same style as Boilerroom – but with a deeper insight into the artists and their creative process."

Unfortunately Arian declined to tell The Tab what acts he has planned for the rest of the Sessions, so you'll just have to keep an ear open to find out.

And you can check out the promo for the event here:

DROP. Sessions | #000 Launching Monday 13th November ?We do this for real.

Posted by DROP. Sessions on Monday, October 30, 2017