Langwith, James and Derwent have been ranked as some of the best halls in the UK

Over 10,000 students voted

Following an article by Times Higher Education, Langwith, James and Derwent have all made it into the top 50 best University halls in the UK.

StudentCrowd analysed 10,834 reviews by students and graduates, the review was based on various criteria. Students were asked to rate their halls between one to five stars depending on their experience of these criteria.

Langwith, York’s founding college

Langwith ranked 11th out of 50, with 5 stars being awarded to Wi-Fi, social experience and location and 4 stars for value for money, cleaning, social space and management.

One student said: “Langwith is a home from home. I guarantee you’ll be shouting ‘I’m Langwith ’til I die’ from the back of the bus before the end of Freshers’ Week!”

Not quite Derwent though is it

James followed close behind at 16th, with 5 stars for location, management, cleaning and social experience and 4 stars for value for money, Wi-Fi, and social space. James was described to have, “Great location on campus and has an excellent layout to create an excellent social experience.”

It’s just so ugly

A Derwent second year told The Tab “My university life so far would not have been as it was if I didn’t love those ugly walls of B Block. Yet, I have absolutely no idea how its managed to rank 28th, above halls situated in Bath, Durham and London.”

Derwent gained 5 stars for location and social experience (who doesn’t love a D event), and 4 stars for value for money, management, cleaning, social space and Wi-Fi. One review of the college perfectly encapsulates Derwent, “Excellent Location. Poor architectural design. Ugly Building. The best social scene in the world!”

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