York’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat One

Who run the world?

Here is the first ream of bachelorettes that you’ve sent in looking to not only win your votes but, more importantly, your hearts. Vote for your favourite at the bottom, and the top two will progress to the semi-final and a level of social infamy they could never have imagined. Let us begin.

Oonagh Macdonald, 1st Year, History

This first year history student, a well-known fresher of UYHC and a lover of mangos, Oonagh is potentially one of the hottest historians around. As a regular second team player, she is very experienced in handling sticks and balls, whilst her witty Facebook comments/tagging have led her to winning awards for ‘shit chat’, an unjust but potentially accurate title. Even though she’s a loyal lover of Okis, I’m sure a trip to McDonald’s wouldn’t fail to impress Oonagh, so if you want to ask her out, look out for her hurdling her way across Salvos sofas on a Wednesday evening, probably dressed in tragic costume, attempting (and failing) to stop her friends making stupid decisions.

Ella Parker, 3rd Year, Environmental Geography

Third year Ella Parker studies a MEnv in Environmental Geography. For those of you unfamiliar with the term MEnv it means Master of the Environment and if that does not intimidate you, I don’t know what the fuck will. She may only be 5’2″ in stature but she will beat you in a fight, you’ve probably seen her in Salvo lobbing glass bottles into crowds or being generally rude to her friends. Let me tell you, you will never be bored with this little fucker.

Eleanor Rose McLaughlin, 3rd Year, History

Another third year, this time studying history, Eleanor, who goes by Ellie or Elle, is the President of Derwent College Netball, however her ball skills do not end there. She is also a valued member of DWAFC and touch rugby! This Irish blooded gal is however lacking the luck of the Irish when it comes to love! She may be found frequenting the top floor of salvo and is renowned for amazing fancy dress however has not yet found the piglet to her Winnie the Pooh! She is to the Derwent photographer what Kate moss is to Vogue, an icon! This Surrey gal is looking for a fit, fun pal to enjoy the summer haze. She can cook and she can rap (for the right kind of chap)! Could you be the one to share her twilight days at York?

Lotte Brückner, 1st Year, BioMed

The Spiciest German in York, she’s in first year and studying BioMed. Not only was she wined and dined by York’s Bachelor of the Year himself, she’s been wooed by many a guy. She gyms all day and parties all night. On the Uni Volleyball team, she can handle any balls thrown at her. You won’t miss her in society; her German ways of drinking means she’ll never get home sober. She’s the whole package. Stunning, clever and sporty.

Rachel Moore, 2nd Year, History

Derwent’s very own Chair, this pint-size coxswain knows exactly how to organise a meeting. A second year studying history, she can often be found in the Derwent computer room, or sculling her way through Salvation looking for a crew and a beau. Whether it’s handling the college’s finances, or a crew of 8, she is always one to rise to a challenge.