These finalists have a killer work routine that will guarantee you a first

What will your parents think if you end up with a 2:2?

Exam season is upon us. Hours of procrastinating, complaining, and failing to live up to our potential are just a selection of the treats in store for the majority of students over the next two months.

This is not the case for two dedicated Economics finalists, both on track for first class honours in their degrees, who have shared their killer exam season routines with The TabIt’s time to sort your life out and we are here to help.

Freddie Brennan, 3rd year Economics, Derwent College

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Talk me through your daily routine

The dreaded sound of my alarm clock chimes at 7am. Fifteen minutes of spooning my pillow later, it has yet again failed to gain sentience, and I’m out of bed. A freezing shower kick starts my day to remind me of the cold harsh realities of life. My dull breakfast of porridge sets the tone for the next 13 hours. Cycle to library (those 15 mins are precious) and be in the library before 8:30am to claim MY seat. It’s the only desk in the entire building that has passed my vigorous testing procedure. It’s the only sole double desk in the library, in addition there are no windows in sight. Hell is other people.

Work until 1pm then break for lunch with friends who are about as excited for lunch as I am for my family counselling meetings. Inhale my food within seconds, I always opt for a salad (consuming carbs makes you more drowsy and therefore less efficient, you can have that tip for free).

Work until my brain melts which happens around 4pm. Hit the gym, the body is your mind’s vessel, it must be tested too. Return home, eat dinner, if not completely frazzled I’ll return to the library and stare at a computer screen until the equations I’m looking at have been burnt into the back of my retinas. Then back home for some Netflix and chill (alone).

How do you manage to keep the routine going? What’s the driving force behind it?

Quite simply, self loathing. Having a harsh inner critic will teach you that regardless of what your Mum says you’re not perfect the way you are and you can be working harder.

Emma Steed, 3rd year Economics, Halifax College

Talk me through your daily routine on a work day?

Organisation is key. Wake up 7:30am, get up 7:35am. Lying in bed in the morning is a time waster (unless there’s cuddles). Walk to the library by 8:30am with some of my favourite jams playing to put me in a sky high mood first thing. Sit in my designated seat that has been carefully selected and tested throughout the past 3 years.

Lunch break with chosen friends of the day. I don’t agree with Mr Brennan with this rabbit food malarkey, energy is key. So I always have a chocolate bar handy.

Work all afternoon with a green tea break at 4pm. Gym at 7pm, sweat out the frustrations of the day.

Return home and get organised for the following day while watching something light-hearted, when I leave the library I don’t think about work. And then repeat.

How do you manage to keep the routine going? What’s the driving force behind it?

Making Daddy proud. I’m just a small girl on this campus with big plans.

What one piece of advice would you give to students who want to achieve?

Stop reading The Tab and do some work.

If your work regime puts Freddie and Emma to shame, please contact [email protected]