York’s fittest finalist: Eric Farrington

He’ll put the spice in your life

Eric Farrington, Third Year, Philosophy


A light skinned guy from South East London in York, with a dual nationality of American and British, from Jamaican descent..um what and where? You may find him amongst the other bulkers in York Sport, getting his weekly trim or, failing that, straight up dabbing downstairs every Tuesday in Tiki bar.

He lives on chicken wings (or legs) (or actually any part of the bird), and was notoriously known on Tinder in Halifax in first year. He made friends with the Londoners within the first week, and had, at least, ten girls on call by the second. Yet, he also picks his little sister up from school, and does the shopping for his mum when he’s back home in Plumstead.

A double life some may say, yet, in his final year, he has settled down and now deserves to qualify for this immensely prestigious position. His life now consists of wondering about the deeper nature of the world through his philosophy course, writing essays and working at his part time job. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen spicing chicken wings, or cleaning his vast array of trainers. Typical light skinned Londoner some may say, but nevertheless a seriously (well groomed) find.