Clubbers of the week

Fit, fun and flirty

You guys really don’t stop. Here’s a run down of the craziest clubbers from York this week.

Hotties of the week


All five now probably have the same profile picture

Runners up

Hotties 2

Vintage Revs

Hero of the week


Not everyone gets a filter on their Revs photo

Creep of the week


“I think they’ve forgotten about the restraining order”

VK Saleswoman of the week

VK saleswoman

“Would you like a sip of holy water?”

Runner up

VK Saleswoman of the week

“Orange and passion-fruit is a severely underrated flavour”

Most unimpressed with physical contact

Most unimpressed with physical contact

“Can someone get me some hand sanitiser?”

Best contribution to novelty suiting

Best contribution to novelty suiting

“Don’t tell my Mum how much this cost”

Best two for one hair cut

Two for one haircut of the week

I hope it was buy-one-get-one-free

Most nonchalant cum face of the week

Most nonchalant cum face

He just looks happy to be there

Best adherence to cultural phenomena

Dab of the week

The dab is a dance in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm, briefly resting the face inside the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble “proper sneezing etiquette”

Best attempt at hiding embarrassing levels of sweat with gun fingers

Best use of gun figures to hide sweatpatches

No one has noticed bro, you’re alright

Home counties residents of the week

Posh wankers of the week

Not acceptable in the slightest

Most possessed clubber of the week


“The power of christ compels you”

Caged clubbers of the week


And stay there you filthy animals

Squad of the week

Legends of the week

Please tell me more about how you play rugby…

Here’s someone who thought it was safe to fart, but it wasn’t 

When you think its safe to far...but its not

He waddled off to the toilet shortly after

And here’s someone getting punched in the face by an invisible fist

Getting punched in the face by an invisible hand

It must be Adam Smith’s