Clubbers of the week

Sit back and judge your friends

In a week where everyone pretended to care about Student Union elections, I had to go through over 1500 photos to put together this list of York’s clubbing heroes. So sit back, judge your friends & hope and pray you don’t get picked next time.

Hotties of the week

Classic Revs hotties

Hotties runners-up

A great contribution from SKINT this week

Creep of the week

He’s probably staring at her personality

Angel of the North


Question mark of the week

A Free The Nipple type scenario?

Hidden foot of the week

‘Next time I’ll use lube’

Phantom hand of the week

Who wouldn’t want a handful of those medals?

Smiles of the week

Derwent isn’t just sex and sambuca, sometimes we smile too

Daisy Dukes of the week

Why would you go anywhere else on a Friday?

Ballers of the week

ASAP RearEnd

Stifled sneeze of the week

It looks unsafe

Couple of the week


Ejaculation face of the week


‘Hands in the air like you just don’t care’ of the week

Good gosh

‘Hello from the outside’ of the week

‘Hello? Yeah it’s me’

York Parties photos by Kluens

C9 Events photos by Hodge