Do you actually care about your college?

No one from Constantine could be reached for comment, because WHERE ON EARTH IS CONSTANTINE?

The college system in York is a funny one: you go through your application blissfully unaware of its existence until suddenly you’re applying for accommodation and you’re forced to pledge your allegiance to a block of flats with a nifty logo in every club and bar you grace with your presence during Freshers’ Week.

We pottered around campus (and in one instance to Mansion) to find out if anyone was actually that invested in their particular college.

Lee, Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy, first year, Derwent

A succinct and (definitely) sober response

“Umm, it’s better than James.”

Emily, English literature, third year, James

“I like my college. The college officer is really nice and I’ve gone to quite a few college events in my second and third year.”

George, English Literature, first year, Goodricke

Caught procrastinating, tut tut

“Not really. That’s pretty much it, I find some of the college events can be cringey. To me it’s just where I live.”

Laura, Music, second year, Alcuin

You loyal. Owlcuin appreciates that

“Yeah I do, the JCRC are helpful and care about us. Also I like the colour red.”

Saul, History, second year, Derwent

Identifiable by the scent of asbestos

“Yeah, my college gives people a lot of character. A member of Derwent is easily identifiable.”

Hannah, Management, second year, Halifax

“Not really, no. I used to play basketball for my college, but that was my only dedication towards it. However, people shouldn’t slag off Halifax as often as they do.”

Hope, History, second year, Langwith

“I did try and immerse myself, but most of my friends are in another college, and moving away from Hes East has kind of removed any affiliation I had.”

Lara, English Literature, first year, Vanbrugh

“Not particularly. It’s neither here nor there really. Where I live isn’t part of the college experience.”

Corey, Education, second year, Goodricke

“I think the college to which you belong doesn’t matter as much as it did in Freshers’ week, but I still feel a sense of camaraderie if and when I attend college events.”

Quentin, Law, first year, Langwith

I’m certain he’s a student

“Well seeing as I live in a field miles away I can’t say I really relate to the college experience.”