What do you miss most about first year?

Aside from your pre-freshers beach bod

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Feel like the glory days are already far behind you? Well, that might very well be the case.

This week we’re helping you wallow in all that delicious self-pity, by looking back on when you were still young, hot and hopeful.

So grab a decent handful of toilet roll, because this one’s set to be a real tear-jerker…

Ed, Economics, and Joy, Education, second year

A normal-looking poached egg is something most of us will never achieve

Marie, second year, English 

No geese were harmed in the making of this article

James, second year, Maths

When did we lose our reckless attitude towards health and safety?

Kate Mason, third year, Psychology in Education

We had it so easy

Hannah, PPE, and Adam, History, third year 

They preferred it “comunal” because they could “steal other people’s shampoo products”

Sorley, Philosophy, second year 

Erm what

Matt, Psychology, second year

‘SD’ was never seen naked again

Adriana, History of Art, second year

Now it’s mostly just hobknobs and crusty old socks in our beds

Richard, Criminology, third year

If only we could get back to the time before we all became BNOCs

So there you have it. First year is amazing and anything beyond that is shit.

We’re such a happy bunch.