Clubbers of the week

To the window, to the wall

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You’ve probably made a fool of yourself, spent too much money and not done enough work this week. All’s not lost though – you might be redeemed if you’ve made it into York’s elite.

Hotties of the week

stunners 1

Call me

Runners up

How to get away without fancy dress

Hero of the week

Why not?

Creep of the week

I can’t look away

Runner up

Romance isn’t dead

YSJ student of the week

You’ve now been awarded an English Lit degree from YSJ for reading this

Booty of the week

Damn girl

Baller of the week

Look closely

Josh Kerr wannabe of the week

Look out for the 2016 calendar

Most ill-fitting jacket of the week

We’d suggest it’s his girlfriend’s, but that seems unlikely

Gurn of the week

You’re not in Mansion mate

Briefcase wanker of the week

Most likely to be mistaken for a lecturer

So many things wrong with this photo

Posers of the week

Danger grey

Runners up

The necklace is a particular highlight

Footwear of the week


Skin condition of the week

Someone likes Sunny D