Clubbers of the week

Did you make the cut


Freshers’ week is now over, but don’t think for one second ruthless snap-judgments are done with too.

Hotties of the week:


Runners Up:
 Hero of the week:

This is how its done

Runner Up:

The ultimate Viking

Creeps of the week:

I highly doubt that

The classic innapropriate bum grab

“I play rugby too”

If you look up ‘creep’ in the dictionary, there’s a picture of this guy

Best Photobomb:

Can’t tell whether that’s a thumb or the Numa Numa guy

Runner Up:
Most Likely To Shop On Wavey Garms:

You’re in Kuda not Canal Mills mate

Least Likely To Work For Deloitte:

Well thats one way to start your CV

Most Likely To Have Booked A Babysitter:

I hope they didn’t wake the kids up when they got home

Most Agressive Sweat Patches:
Best Fingering Technique:
Worst Jack Sparrow look-a-like:
Best choreographed Photo:

Maybe try a little less hard next time

Lost Fresher of the Week:

Bless her, I remember my first night in Phats

Best of the rest:

Scouting for drunk freshers

I didn’t realise Fibbers had a newsagents?