Tron’s guide to Fresher’s Week

York’s biggest BNOC dishes out some pearls of wisdom

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Fresher’s Week: that brief, half-remembered period of clubs, freebies, awkward silences, and flu.

It can be a minefield, but fear not – we’ve got the helping hand you need. Thomas Ron (that’s Tron to you) is York’s recently-elected BNOC, having gained stardom during campaigns for his current role as YUSU’s academic officer

Here’s his advice on how to handle Freshers’ like a pro.

Tron in his natural habitat

What advice would you give to nervous freshers?
“The best thing to do is get involved in something. York is great in that there is a society for pretty much everything, so don’t be shy and try something new, or get involved in something you’re interested in: chances are you will meet great friends.”

What is your opinion of the Freshers’ Fair?
“The Freshers’ Fair is a great time. Free pizza and a chance to find the society that tickles your fancy: what more could you want?”

How often should we go out in Fresher’s Week?
“People should take advantage of the opportunity to see the city and have fun, but only they can choose how often to go out. It is important that no one feel pressured to go out if they don’t want to, so it’s up to everyone.”

What is your favourite club?
“I really like Revs – I used not to but for some reason it has grown on me. I also like Flares a lot: it has great and strange drinks and the type of cheesy music I like a lot.”

Who run the world? Tron

Do you recommend the alternative freshers events?
“Absolutely. They are a great way to meet people and are also a lot of fun. If your college is doing Rockaoke I would recommend that highly. It is something I have always loved. Too much, given that no one should ever have to hear me sing. I have done it for the last two years, but this year… well, we will have to see what my marching orders are.”

Is there anything that you would warn freshers against doing?
“Don’t shut yourself away. Keep your door open and mingle with the flat. Cook for each other and spend time having fun, otherwise it will be hard to get involved later.”

Our bae x

What’s the most memorable moment from your Fresher’s Week?
“Meeting my flat and finding out how we would be great friends.”

What an inspiring sabb he continues to be. Thanks for the advice, Tron.