Tron wins The Tab York’s BNOC of the Year

We all knew this was coming

Thomas “Tron” Ron is now officially The Tab York’s BNOC of the Year.

He absolutely dominated the votes, stealing the hearts of 56 per cent of voters.

Tom A-C came second with 25 per cent, and Robert Gordon (Norb) came in third, winning over 19 percent of the electorate.

We turned to the competitors for their comments on these results.

Thomas “Tron” Ron – winner

“I am surprised but quite flattered. I’ve never really thought of myself as a BNOC.”

When asked what he will do to make students glad they voted for him, he said: “I’ll just try to be the best Academic Officer possible I guess, and do my best to represent students at the university.”

Tom A-C – 2nd place

Runner up Tom A-C said: “Coming second to Tron is like being involved in a near fatal car crash – you hope and pray it never happens but when it does it ruins your life.”

Robert Gordon (Norb) – 3rd place 

“I’m happy to have just got to the final and never dreamed of beating Tron – he thoroughly deserved it.”

It looks like you lot picked a worthy winner. Congratulations to all three.