Think having exams is a good enough reason for not going out? Think again

You know you want to


Your parents probably have a better social life than you right now. 

The stressful, mind-numbing swamp of exam season is engulfing us all.

While pretending to do your essay, you’ve seen at least five Ed Miliband memes already today, and it’s starting to grate – and there’s no reason why you should let it take over your life. Let loose and go out.

It’s easy to forget how important it is to give yourself a rest. Whether it means you’re currently squatting in Harry Fairhurst, or whether you’re sitting in front of the TV at home watching Storage Hunters half-heartedly highlighting an article, there’s always a feeling you’re just not quite doing enough.

Way better than a library vending machine coffee

And what better way to unwind than to get off your face in Salvation on a Friday, or Fibbers on a Saturday? Just for an evening, forget about your exams. Forget about Cameron, Clegg and Miliband and Farage.

Of course you need to study, you need to use your time wisely. But using your time wisely is worthless if you’re procrastinating for half of it – so, spend a day working hard, then get your party on and go out. Just do it.

It feels great getting it out of your system, and you know you’d rather be downing Jagerbombs in Salvo than dripping with sweat and falling asleep in Morrell.

no promises it’ll be as glamorous as this, but still

Not only is it vital to have a break, but it’s also a great time to go clubbing – because nobody else will be there.

You’re standing on the dancefloor, mildly tipsy on three VKs and a shot of sambuca. You stumble slightly, and turn to automatically apologise to someone behind you. But there’s nobody there.

You go to the bar, unsullied by gropes and innocent “sorry, can I just get past you” bum grabs from strangers. You subconsciously bend your elbows into pointy weapons, ready to barge. But there’s no need. You can do whatever you like. There are more free seats and tables than you could shake a stick at.

The best part of the night

Not to mention the obligatory takeaway at the end of the night. You’ve been living off pasta and disappointment for a couple of weeks now – treat yourself.

Exams are important. So is the General Election. But there’s no need to live your life within the grasp of either. Maybe one night out, one night of just pushing your serious adult issues aside, might actually save your grades.

See you in Fibbers.