Two men found guilty of raping teen in flat

The victim ‘looked like an empty shell’

Two men have been found guilty of raping an 18-year-old at a flat in York and told they will face jail.

Sam Bumbridge was found guilty of two counts of rape and Thomas Oliver of one. The pair assaulted the young woman at Bumbridge’s flat after meeting her at Club Salvation earlier on the night of August 4, 2013..

The victim was described as “very drunk” and “looked like an empty shell” in the club, but the pair carried her back to the flat and had sex with her, the York Crown Court heard.

York Crown Court where the men received their guilty verdit

Bumbridge, 22, and Oliver, 20, showed no emotion when their guilty verdicts were read out. It took the jury just six hours to find Bambridge guilty of two rape charges and Oliver of one by majority verdict.

Earlier in the trial the 18-year-old claimed she remembered nothing from the night except leaving Yates’ bar and a “really scary” awakening in the unknown flat.

When giving evidence she said she pushed one of the men away and tried to move from the other but “did not have the energy”.

She said: “In normal circumstances I would have been able to put up more of a fight.”

Tahir Khan QC told the men: “The jury have convicted you of gravely serious sexual offences committed against a young girl who was in no fit state to be engaging in sexual activity.

“These convictions will attract sentences of custody inevitably.

“Although you are both young men of good character, it seems to me that in view of your age and lack of no criminal convictions I would be assisted in having the input of the Probation Service in relation to you as individuals to arrive at the proper sentences.

“The only question will be length of custodial sentences.”