Rachel Donald

Rachel Donald
Aberdeen University


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Body found by police searching for Kieran McCann on St Andrews beach

The first year hadn’t been seen since Tuesday night

Aberdeen uni medical student accused of plotting suicide attack

He was arrested the day he was due to graduate

Two men found guilty of raping teen in flat

The victim ‘looked like an empty shell’

Freshers asked how to cook crystal meth in Breaking Bad themed exam question

The lecturer is a bit of a legend

Sextortion: ‘Woman’ secretly films three York students performing sex acts in online scam

The videos were used to blackmail them

Why does everyone turns into a boring bastard when they graduate?

It’s a disease I’m losing my mates to

Aberdeen bouncer found not guilty for death of man outside bar

The second bouncer is still on trial for murder

Cock-block coppers stopping tipsy couples on street

That one night stand just got a little trickier

Drunkard arrested after St Andrew’s Ball chaos as staff accuse party goers of assault

He will appear in court today

Edinburgh branch of prestigious fraternity face punishment over rape jokes

There is no suggestion those in the photos made the comments

Bovvered? Only 1415 students voted in new rector

Even student pres is unsure of rector’s relevance

Trapped drunk freshers have sing-a-long to stay calm in broken lift

They’re going to use the stairs in future

I regret my tattoos… but I still tell my mates I love them

From symbols of love to losing bets – I’ve made all the bad decisions

Member quits Lemon Press blaming ‘lad clique’… but also because she didn’t get Editor

Chair is quick to quash rumours of misogyny

Bristo Square full of tits

CoppaFeel! flashmob in boob costumes

Bizarre YUSU ban stops societies raising money for charity

‘YUSU needs to get its priorities straight’

Hockey social secs banned permanently after string of vile tweets

Two other committee members stripped of position

Riot police called to Royal Mile

Ambulance, riot police and helicopters deployed

The results for your fittest rugby boy are in…

And the winner’s agreed to get naked…

Our accommodation exclusive airs on Watchdog

‘We thought The Tab was a professional site’

The Student editors vandalise own paper after lawsuit threat from Socialist Worker Party

Let’s hope they recycle

Bradley raps at RGU after-party til S Club 7am

Aint no party like an S Club party

Outrage over medics dressing up as sex offender Rolf Harris

Medsoc: ‘People’s costumes are up to them’

James Milner spotted being boring at Paramount

Man City players well behaved on night out

A venomous spider bit me in halls and now I’m scared to sleep

Fresher survives poisonous spider attack

Outrage over ‘victim-blaming’ uni video

Students, AUSA and rape charity unite in uproar over uni campaign

LIVE: a date with a Sugar Daddy

The Tab’s undercover sugar baby live tweets her first ‘date’

Suspended Birmingham protester attacks uni ‘bullies’

Simon Furse suspended for nine months despite hearing panel admitting he wasn’t present at protest

Rich Kids of Snapchat is an elaborate hoax – but the smartarse creator is selling it for 30k

Rich Kids of Snapchat is on 34,000 likes and counting. But the ’17-year-old’ brain behind the concept is trolling all of us

Students explore underground S/M scene in Aberdeen

S/M is a sexual scene shrouded in mystery and taboo. The Tab spoke to one student practitioner in order to gain an insight into the world of whips and chains.

One victim rescued from fire near Spital area

An ambulance and three fire engines were called to tackle a fire on Orchard Road earlier today

Woman killed by lorry on King Street

Police have released identity of lorry victim as Karen Gillanders.

RGU beat Aberdeen in University Sex League

RGU have more sexual partners than Aberdeen students, StudentBeans survey finds.

RGU union closing down

The last union in Aberdeen is set to close on July 20th.

Student Pres partying on paid leave of absence

Student President, Megan Dunn, out of office for three weeks but spotted on the lash in Wales.

Hundreds of students regress to excitable kids at Superteams 2014

We might not be able to walk today, but Superteams was so worth it.

Comedy Society stun audience with witty banter

The show “Some Context” in association with Nightline was £3 very well spent.

Vicious seagulls flock to Aberdeen injuring 18

18 people reported injuries by gulls last year – we can’t let them get away with it anymore.

Scotland’s population record high

New figures show that Scotland’s population is up by 14,100 people in a year.

How to get more matches on Tinder: pose with a dog on a sunny day and don’t use a group picture

Survey reveals how to make sure everyone is swiping right

Meet the ‘Lad of the Year’ who claims he has slept with more than 80 women

Kevin O’Flanagan’s reputation catapulted him into the spotlight and landed him his very own ‘Lad’ title

‘It’s about love, not sex’: the rise of ‘polyamory’, where you have more than one sexual partner

From excellent time-management to rigorous sexual health check-ups, there’s more to being a poly student than you would first expect.

Marking boycott postponed after uni chiefs make last minute pay offer

Strike action delayed until 6th May – but only while staff consider 2% pay rise

Girls called Anna are much more likely to go to Oxford than Staceys

Study finds having a name like Shannon and Bradley makes you much less likely to go to Oxford

24 LAX players leave tour with team tattoos

From foreskin shots to tattoos – AULC had their rowdiest tour to date in Dublin

NUS delegate has SEVEN-person orgy in lunch break

Sabbatical officer engages in steamy group sex session…ONE DAY before representing his uni as an NUS delegate

Ian Diamond wants to employ staff on 9 month contracts – but god forbid he takes a pay cut

He earns almost a grand a day but wants to employ staff on financially damaging 9 month contracts to appear ‘financially efficient.’

“Is that a boat full of dicks?”: International Market in town

We checked out the international market – and it got us hot under the collar


Have you got what it takes?

Media: the tool between activism and apathy that’s not being used

Rachel Donald argues why student politics need to be utilizing the media available to them to engage with the wider student body.

NUS Scotland motion mandates officers to break the law

Delegates at NUS Scotland conference pass emergency motion that orders NUS Officers to break the “gagging bill.”

Sabb Officer under fire for elections misconduct

Behaviour by current Sabb officer during elections could lead to removal from post.

Cringiest AUSA candidate video

For your viewing pleasure only

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Zombies attack Aberdeen University library

Zombie run descends on library as part of AU student festival.

Students locked in Butchart to produce play

You don’t know sleep deprived until you’ve done this…

Shit hits the fan for Centre Stage. Literally.

Centre Stage production team were faced with an act of sabotage in Butchart earlier today.

6 things to give up for lent – with a twist

Here are some replacement suggestions for the 6 most typical and annoying Lent choices.

RGU win 2014 Boat Race

Aberdeen throw rival university a bone.

Student Choice Awards now open – who do you heart?

Get voting for the staff that give a shit when you’re too hungover to.

Graduation is back on – Unions in new talks with universities over pay

Universities and Colleges Employers Association set to enter new talks with Unions after threat of marking boycott.

DJ JERC tears up Exodus

The Tab was invited to see DJ JERC play a great set at Exo, but it was sad day for house music in Aberdeen.

Snafu closing down

Snafu and The Athenaeum closing their doors for the final time in the next few weeks

Jimmy Chung’s – fire in the hole!

Jimmy Chung’s restaurant on the Beach Esplanade went up in flames in the early hours.

My night with the Ab-Fab society

I went along to the LGBT+ society’s “Purple Rain” event and got far more out of it than just cake and music.

BREAKING NEWS: The Tab is so funny local comedians are actually mistaking it for their own work

Wray Thomson, known only by those he has on Facebook, has accused The Tab of plagiarism.

Neknomination could result in manslaughter charges

Continuing to play the drinking game Neknominate could land you in court in the near future.

Where to go in Aberdeen this 14th February

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to – we present the dates available in our fair city based on your stereotype…because we’re not actually interested in real research.

Kristen Stewart’s poem reminds us an education goes a long way

The Tab takes on the analysis K-Stew’s poem as the warm-up for dissertation season.

Aberdeen lecturers forced to strike for third time this year over pay – but Principal pockets an extra 25%

“It’s not about money, it’s about inequality,” cry staff as Diamond and his fat cats take home more than they’re worth.

Annoying kids of Instagram

Rachel Donald stages an Insta-vention against the worst habits on Instagram

Fraser Noble bathroom awash with hook-ups

Aberdeen University building identified as hotspot for gay sex.

Uni monk’s sex conviction overturned

Mark Paterson cleared

25 truths about English Lit students

If you can read this, chances are you’ve studied English at some point.

Full Body Security Scanners arrive at Aberdeen Airport

Full body security scanners have been introduced at a further nine airports across the UK, including Aberdeen, bringing the total figure up to 19.

A girl’s undergrad view of Aberdeen

It’s not all bad

With house prices sky-rocketing, will students have to live like peasants?

Property price surge in Aberdeen may encourage threesomes.