Vanbrugh vote to keep sport free

You can all stop panicking now

Over 80 per cent of students voted for Vanbrugh College sports to stay free this week.

The college held a referendum about whether students should be charged membership fees because of the money the college hemorrhages into sports each year.

But of the 207 students that took part, 173 said they would like it to stay free, while 32 voted no and two abstained from voting.

These guys seem pretty chuffed with the result

Vanbrugh is the only college not to charge a penny for their sports because, according to their website: “Taking part is important- and taking part at Vanbrugh is ace.”

But they bleed money because of this, reportedly spend around £4200 each year (about 24% of the JCR’s budget) on sport, covering training for each team and, occasionally, new kit and equipment.

Students were quick to point out the free sport is a key reason to apply to the college. Issy Paul, a second year who plays netball for the college, said: “The reason Vanbrugh sport works so well is because it’s free, and therefore not exclusive in any way.”

Alvin Tsoi, a second year basketball player for both the college and the university supported the vote: “It really is a disgrace that they were even considering taking away free sports.

“The prospect of having to pay for training sessions has decreased the number of people turning up to sessions this term.”

Standing united in the face of free sports

Standing united in the face of free sports

But the Vanbrugh website gave of the impression prior to the referendum that it would encourage students to vote no to free sport, as the JCR would then have “more money to spend elsewhere”.

They even provided examples of this as encouragement, such as using the money spared to improve the Junior Common Room, which in fairness would benefit more of the college than just those who play sport.

Despite this, Vanbrugh Chair Michael Duncan seemed pleased with the result, saying: “With this ringing endorsement for free college sport training, I hope the recent success of Vanbrugh’s teams will continue in the months and years to come too.”