Someone’s created a Warwick Uni inspired streetwear brand and we’re living for it

From the Smack wall to Lib floor 5, they’ve got it all

Attention Warwick Students! It’s time to say goodbye to those student loans and hello to Warwick Uni inspired merch!

That’s right, as if Warwick isn’t already a meme enough (we’ll never recover from that episode of The Inbetweeners), Unifit Warwick have created a range of Warwick Uni inspired merch. And in an even weirder turn of events, it’s actually kinda cool???

From phone cases to sweatshirts, their pieces “incorporate our most relatable experiences as uni students so that you can hold onto those memories forever”. Think Smack, the Learning Grid and our unique Warwick social schedule.

Unifit aim to “give students the power to support their favourite societies and up-coming designers”

And if that wasn’t enough, campus societies are teaming up with the brand to produce their own merch too. We may have even spotted a WarwickFessions logo on the website…

And their timing could not be better- with the UK lockdown coming to an end in a few months time, what better way to tell the world exactly what you missed *cough cough Smack Tuesday* than with it emblazoned on some pretty unique pieces?

If you didn’t know the schedule before, (looking at you, freshers) you will now

The “Warwick Schedule” design comes in T-shirts and Sweatshirts, and 3 different colours! But our only issue- Assembly featuring on a Thursday instead of the iconic Dirty Duck Pub Quiz. Doing the Duck dirty, really.

We can already see these caps on everyone smoking outside the Grid, to be honest

Now there seems to be only one way to prove that your the ultimate Smack Tuesday fan… forget that perfect attendance record, we’re talking about the Smack phone case.

We can’t wait to see which designs come next- Tabula tote bags? Koan keyring? Rolf the Campus cat coasters? Overdrafts here we come…

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