These are some of the top Warwick activism pages you should be following on Instagram

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The outside world this year has been immensely different to what it usually has in store; being stuck at home has given us a new reliance on the internet we have not yet seen before, and most of us have gained our knowledge of the world around us through scrolling on the news and social media.

Many of us have seen floods of graphics on our feeds raising awareness of key issues around us. In fact, this year it is remarkable to see the change that has been brought within areas of social justice simply by social media taking control.

If you’re looking to revamp your Insta feed full of great causes, campaigns and events to get involved in to create change without stepping out the door, we’ve found the best Warwick student run pages to follow right now!

Warwick Clothes Circuit

Warwick Clothes Circuit is a page that is trying to combat the fast fashion industry. They have created a point-based system that allows students to find a new wardrobe through swapping styles that they’ve already worn to fit in with the student budget. Through filling out their handy Google form you can provide clothing donations and gain points which can be used to claim the clothing on the page.

The page is aiming to further its reach at the moment – while it is now based in Leamington it hopes to be able to expand to members on campus and in Coventry.

Find this post explaining @WarwickClothesCircuit’s process and browse the range of their current items on their page

Its goal is split into two purposes: to create environmental change since fast fashion has created unsustainable manufacturing, and also social justice allowing ethical fashion to be financially accessible to all!

Follow now and look forward to seeing information on unsustainable practices within the fashion industry, partnerships with other societies and fashion shows! The page is also looking to recruit more members to help keep the page going so there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Warwick Enable

Warwick Enable is a page pushing for disabled liberation, and it’s open to disabled students, their friends, allies, carers and enablers. Campaigning for inclusivity, their page welcomes that university is a place for all!

The aim of the page is to keep people up to date with the society’s campaigns, events, socials and to spread awareness of various disabilities and long term health conditions by doing posts and Q&As at points throughout the year.

Follow @WarwickEnable to see more great infographics like this one, and learn more about the society

They hope to impact their followers through educating about disabilities more widely, highlighting the struggles faced by disabled students, and also lobbying and achieving change with the university on key policy and educational issues, impacting the community they represent.

Follow now and look forward to seeing more awareness posts, info about their latest campaigns (at the moment they’re working on action for a safety net, flexibility with deadlines and transcriptions) and how to get involved including petitions, introductions to the execs and details of our plans for the rest of the year.

Warwick Anti-Racism

One of the most important topics we have found at the heart of 2020 was racism within society today and the changes we need to make in many aspects within politics, economy and social impacts.

Warwick Anti-Racism aims to bring this discussion to Warwick creating posts aimed at teaching us through talks, info-graphics and literature.

Check out @uwarsoc on Instagram for details of the society’s great events and campaigns

The impact of the page is shown within many areas as it covers a range of diverse issues that need to be redefined or discussed such as health, the justice system and much more!

Warwick Mind Aware

With lockdown announcements around every corner and the extremely different working conditions we’re all in mental health is more important than ever.

The Mind Aware Instagram page essentially aims to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing and to reduce the unfortunately still prevalent stigma.

They are looking to have a ‘redesign’ of their Instagram page so that it not only serve the purpose of promoting the society’s activities but to also create a safe space for students, where they will post relatable content and wellbeing quotes.

They hope to interact more with the Wellbeing services at Warwick in the future, so hopefully their page can point people in that direction, enabling them to access self-help resources and understand what sort of help is available.

You can find the details for a range of discussion sessions @Warwick_Mind_Aware is hosting throughout term

The impact of the page is that people become more comfortable discussing mental health, that students know they are not alone and that there are services and societies out there to help. They hope that the page and society lasts and develops over the next couple of years so that it can become a more prevalent topic within the university!

Follow now and look forward to collaborations with more with societies such as Warwick Yoga, KSoc and more to promote coping mechanics and strategies to deal with stress. They are also hoping to contact a public speaker, study-tuber or mental health public figure who may run a talk for the students – which of course their page will feature.

In the further future they are looking for their page and also their society to expand greatly! And of course they hope the society can begin to meet face to face again soon so that they can interact on a more personal level with the students.

It Happens Here at Warwick

It Happens Here at Warwick is a page that is striving to create a safe place for all Warwick students. If you’re passionate about consent, wanting to campaign for survivors, looking for a way to educate your friends or needing to find a place to confide, IHH is a great place to start!

The aim of the page is to raise awareness of sexual violence at Warwick. It hopes to actively tackle the problem of sexual violence through campaigns, education and work with both the SU and the University and to offer non-professional support to those affected by sexual violence (signposting resources, offering a place to meet other students who may have similar experiences, and providing a platform for students to speak out).

IHH’s page shares campaigns like this one, infographics, details of talks and events, and much more

Follow now to see campaigns, discussions with the SU and university, educational posts, personal opinions and survivor’s voices.

If you are under 18, please note: In the UK, anyone under the age of 18 is a minor. Whilst you may of course take part in It Happen Here’s events and campaigns, please be aware that they cannot offer confidentiality to anyone that shares a story with them and is under the age of 18 if this raises safeguarding concerns.

Warwick Pride

Warwick Pride is all about community, coming together to support each other and have fun! Helping students and staff come together to be their authentic selves at Warwick.

Its aim is to provide a safe and fun environment for the LGBTUA+ community and their allies to enjoy themselves.

Just a snippet of the content shared by @WarwickPride

The page hopes to impact its followers through celebrating, educating and spreading awareness. Follow now to join in on fun events such as game and movie nights as well as important talks and campaigns!

Warwick Sustainability

Sustainability is a subject that is becoming much more relevant in our world each day – as a campus we can use our resources effectively and create real change within our community! Through following Warwick Sustainability you can find different ways to adapt sustainable goals into your usual academic routines.

The aim of the page is to promote sustainable living and actions to all staff and students across the university. This includes news and events locally, nationally and internationally.

The page hopes to impact its followers by share knowledge of sustainable practices and encourage behaviour change.

From giveaways to talks, find all the details of @WarwickUniSust‘s work on their Instagram page now

Follow now and look forward to information on holistic sustainability – discussing subjects in energy, water, waste, transport, education, research, fashion, food.

The page also provides updates on University progress towards its carbon reduction targets, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Green Champion Network, Green Week, Cut the Flow and COP26. It also shows how to get involved through events, tips, tricks and news.

With such a range of proactive students and societies at Warwick, it’s difficult to narrow them down! Head to the Warwick SU website to see the full list of cultural and liberation societies active at Warwick, where you can find links to even more fantastic activism Instagram pages.

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