Mitigating circumstances offered to students affected by George Floyd’s death

Warwick has confirmed they will treat mitigating circumstances submissions of racial trauma seriously

Students of colour at the University of Warwick may submit for mitigating circumstances for the impact of racial trauma, in light of the current events broadcast in the news and social media following the murder of George Floyd.

The news was shared in a post on the Student’s Union website, and confirmed by Chloe Batten, Warwick SU Education Officer, who wrote on Facebook and Twitter: “Black students and students of racialised Ethnic Minorities who have experienced increased racial trauma…can and should submit these through the mitigating circumstances process as normal.”

The issue of racial trauma and its impact on people of colour’s mental, emotional and physical health was raised to the University and the Dean of Students, who have confirmed that this would be treated seriously in mitigating circumstances submissions.

Warwick SU emphasised the difficulties students of colour may be experiencing, acknowledging these students “will be experiencing increased racial trauma and may require additional wellbeing support to mitigate the impact of these events.”

The post further explained: “The evidence requirements are currently relaxed due to Covid-19, and so students should summarise the impact that events have had on them and how that has affected assessment.

“Mitigating Circumstances Panels and tutors who review requests have been made aware of this specific context for current students to ensure that where students raise these issues, they are dealt with sensitively and that students are also directed to appropriate support.”

Warwick SU also linked to their statement on Black Lives Matter, where they list support for student wellbeing, and guidance for students to help enact change.

A week after George Floyd’s murder, Warwick University tweeted the following message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The response was met with mixed reactions, with many past and present students criticising the use of ‘BAME’ (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) instead of explicitly mentioning the Black community.

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