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Warwick plans ‘full reopening of campus’ and mix of online and in-person teaching

‘We will rigorously observe social distancing practices’

In an email sent to students on 20th May (yesterday), it was announced that the University of Warwick plans to continue with a mix of “face-to-face teaching experience” and online learning for the next academic year.

In a student newsletter, the University said that it is “planning for the full reopening of campus, which includes our retail, entertainment and sporting facilities.”

They added that they will “continue to closely follow UK government guidance and will be prepared to take the necessary action to protect our community.”

The following statement was released in the uni’s student newsletter:

“‘For the autumn term, we are preparing to offer you an outstanding campus-based learning experience. We are planning to start our teaching as we intended, with classes expected to start in the week of October 5th following an induction programme for new students. Over the course of the academic year, you’ll enjoy the excellent face-to-face teaching experience Warwick is renowned for, integrated with online learning.’

In reference to why Warwick is not offering a term of online teaching, the university has stated:

“The best possible university experience for our students comes from excellent face-to-face engagement, which is supported by online learning as well as personal contact. This is what we intend to do provided we can do so safely and effectively. The approach we propose will allow you to further develop your digital capabilities, enabling you to excel in your studies, and become more prepared for the complex, diverse environment you will encounter after graduation.

“However, throughout the changing circumstances associated with the pandemic, we have prioritised the safety and wellbeing of our University community.

“There is a lot of working going on at the moment to restructure teaching plans for the next academic year. This work will take several months, but your department will be able to give you an initial update by the end of June 2020.”

Information and updates about what the next academic year will look like for students can be found here.


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