All the best bits of Term 3 at Warwick that we’re struggling without

Rest In Peace Term 3 2020

Every uni student knows that Term 3 = Exam Season. However, since Term 3 has officially been “cancelled” due to the coronavirus, somehow there’s an Exam Season shaped hole in all our hearts.

Okay, maybe we’re not missing exams, but here’s the things we are missing from Term 3….

1. Your uni mates

Not knowing when you are going to see your mates next is a toughie. Term 3 is a blast when you can all frantically revise together and celebrate when its all over. We will miss those times.

Undoubtedly, the UK lockdown has made us all reflect on how important our friends are. Thank goodness for Zoom and FaceTime.

Forever missing the Copper Rooms

2. Summer graduation

For final year students, Term 3 disappearing has meant that the Summer graduation ceremony has been postponed. Though Warwick has not confirmed the date, it has been said that the ceremony will be rearranged for the 2020/21 academic year.

A list of the future graduation ceremony details can be found here.

3. POP!

Who knew we would be missing Warwick Wednesday as much as we are. Disco Dave will forever be in our hearts.

No more old school tunes and crazy fancy dress – then again with the POP live-streams on Facebook, if you’re that sort of hardcore POP-fanatic, you could dress up in your room by yourself and recapture the experience. We can’t promise it’ll feel the same, but drink enough homemade purple and you might not notice.

Rouge will always be in our hearts

4. Living with housemates

Living with your best friends for another whole 10 weeks being cut short is pretty brutal. We will miss the Term 3 madness.

The only benefit is that no Term 3 means no rent money.

At least the Bluebell students won’t have to pay for another Term living in the best accommodation.

A room with a view x

5.  Vialli’s

Getting drunk in your kitchen only to chill with your parents in the living room doesn’t have the same appeal as a post-sesh Vialli’s.

Perhaps sober lockdown is the way forward?

6. Eurovision

A key part of Term 3 is, of course, watching Eurovision on the Plaza steps. Or, not watching it, but simply being present and getting rather smashed in the meantime. The competition was to be held in Rotterdam but, sadly, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Eurovision song contest has been cancelled this year. Till next year, I guess.

7. The library

Who would have thought not having Term 3 would make us miss the library. Just because Term 3 is cancelled on campus, doesn’t mean the grind stops. We all know it is impossible trying to revise for an online assessment with Joe Exotic in the background.

8. Curiostea

If only Dalgona coffee was a thing Term 2. Curiostea would have been serving up fresh Dalgona as opposed to us failing at our attempts to recreate the TikTok classic.

Although, no Curiostea is probably a good thing our bank balance. No Term 3 = No coffee dates = More to spend next year (unless you have not already spent it on ordering new quarantine attire).

Nothing beats the classic Curiostea hot choccie


All in all, we will really miss you Term 3 Warwick. In the meantime, stay safe guys.

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