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Someone re-made the Zeeman building in Minecraft and it’s maaaaad

They uploaded a video of this map to YouTube

Minecraft University of Warwick Zeeman

Have you ever felt like maybe you have too much time on your hands? Do you ever find yourself looking at a pile of unread books and unfinished essays and cringe at your inability to pull yourself away from Facebook and get on with your work? It's the original sin of any nerdy uni student (and Warwick is full of those) to feel like you're not maximising your potential.

Well, one anonymous student (or students) decided to go the extra mile to maximise their potential – just not towards their actual degree. This unnamed creator who clearly have their priorities straight has recreated the Zeeman building in its entirety on Minecraft and uploaded the results to YouTube in a video titled: "University of Warwick-Maths Minecraft!"

The video begins with a majestic bird's eye view of Warwick campus, before swooping past the Humanities building and over towards this map's detailed recreation of everybody's favourite Zeeman building.

Believe it or not, despite the fact that I'm an English and Theatre student I have a (little) bit of experience with the Zeeman building. It's where half of my English lectures are held. While watching this video I found myself recognising different areas of the building. The ground floor (seen below) looks accurate enough to be a photograph.

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A photograph of the entrance to the Zeeman building, taken from the video.

It's amazing that all it takes is a few blocks and a bit of spare time (I thought STEM student's didn't get a reading week?) to create such an incredible work of art.

The student managed to replicate every aspect of the Zeeman building, down to the texture of the carpet.

Table tennis tables, lecture theatres, corridors – it's a strange experience, being walked through this Minecraft recreation of a building I've come to know quite well in the last few years.

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A reconstruction of MS.02, taken from the video

For anyone unfortunate enough to have seminars or lectures that finish late in the day, here's a photograph of the Minecraft Zeeman building taken at 'night'.

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A photograph of the Zeeman building at 'night', taken from the video.

So, what was the reason for this modern masterpiece? What prompted the anonymous student to painstakingly reconstruct such a massive building on the University of Warwick campus? Well, the video seems to give us some clue (seen below) as to the motive behind the Minecraft.

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A hilarious Maths joke, taken from the video

The above photograph seems to explain it all. Or, it would If I understood what any of these symbols meant. Could anyone taking a proper degree please translate for me in the comments? I feel like I should argue against the use of the term "sad bois."

Whoever made this map on Minecraft is the furthest thing from a sad boy. They are a genius waiting to be discovered. Maybe the rest of us at Warwick should follow their example and create maps based on many of the other wonderful facilities that the campus has to offer.

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A photograph taken from the video

And why stop with the academic or sport facilities provided by the University? I can't be the only one who wants to see a Minecraft map of Smack or Neon or Pop or any of the student halls which have become such an iconic part of our lives a University.

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