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These 26 memes about the new Sonic movie prove anyone can have a glow-up

Gotta go fast

Whether or not you're one of the total weirdos who's actually into Sonic the Hedgehog, you've probably seen the nightmarish original trailer for the Sonic movie.

The hedgehog's design, complete with manly hairy muscly legs, incredibly off-putting human teeth, and hands (oh God the hands), was rinsed so hard by the entire internet that the creators pulled the movie completely to overhaul Sonic's look.

That new look made its debut in a new trailer released yesterday and the difference is night and day. Sonic now sports a more evenly-proportioned body, a mouth that won't make you vomit in pure fear, and his hands are covered with his signature gloves. Now that your hero and mine has been saved, meme currency for the blue blur is at an all time high, and these are the best:

These are the best Sonic movie memes

1. This brilliant account obviously had the best take

2. "Such a unique design"

3. What cheese did you eat before you went to bed to have that nightmare?

4. The guy who made the new Sonic is very happy about it awh

5. Imagine what the old Sonic would have looked like in that towel

6. Stunning Photoshop skills

7. Peak times


9. Maybe the real cute Sonic was the friends we made along the way

10. Me neither, buddy. We're so lucky

11. Lest we forget x


13. Winner of the darkest take goes to

14. This is why you should always dream big

15. I now cannot get that image out of my mind

16. I mean seriously

17. Pitch this idea to Paramount I double dare you

18. Truly a victory for democracy

19. The voice actor for Dr Robotnik getting a bit of fun

20. AND the usual voice of Sonic

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21. I feel attacked

22. Worrying thought, that

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23. There's a popular theory the whole fuck-up was a PR stunt…


25. RIP

26. I mean the main takeaway here is this

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