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The Warwick Rowers appeared on Loose Women this morning

Viewers are claiming its sexist and objectifies men


The Warwick Rowers made their TV debut this morning live on ITV's Loose Women. Not everyone was pleased to see the hot, half-naked Rowers on their screens though, with viewers taking to Twitter to vent their anger.

The show aired earlier this afternoon, with the Warwick Rowers appearing as the "treat" behind todays door of its advent calendar, a feature of the show which has been running throughout December.

They appeared on Loose Women to promote the release of their 2018 calendar and continue raising awareness for their charity, Sport Allies.

Not everyone greeted the Rowers with praise however, with some viewers heavily criticising their presentation, wearing just hot pants and Santa hats.

Most Twitter users are accusing the show to be hypocritical, with one woman writing, "if a show hosted by all blokes invited a half naked women's sports team on, and whooped and hollered like they just did, they'd be screaming about objectification and ogling."

Other viewers welcomed the Warwick Rowers on their screens, with one Twitter user saying it "made her day", and another wishing that Tristan would be behind the door of her advent calendar.