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Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 Nominee: Will Rutherford-Roberts

He’s basically Warwick’s own Troy Bolton

Meet the latest nominee for Warwick's most eligible bachelor 2017, third year chemistry student, Will Rutherford- Roberts.

Will, the Warwick Wolves starting quarterback, has been described by friends as pretty much Warwick's own Troy Bolton. "The ideal man for any girl thats seen a classic American high-school chick flick."

One of his nominators even told us that "with his luscious long gold/brown hair, the sight of him whipping off his helmet mid game is enough to make any person weak kneed."

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But Will is more than just a cool jock. He's actually "a simple country boy", who spends his summers working on his family's farm, riding tractors and playing with his adorable sausage dog.

If you weren't already convinced that the Warwick Wolves' social sec was an absolute catch, his friends say "he has a James Dean meets Hugh Grant vibe", because he "wears Chelsea boots and listens to a lot of classic rock."

When we told Will that he'd been nominated for Warwick's most eligible bachelor 2017 he told us that he was "really flattered" and wanted to say thank you to whoever nominated him.

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Ladies, he's a real catch but just be warned, "you'll have to fight off the horde cheerleaders chasing after him."

The vote for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 will open soon