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Warwick student’s ‘alt-right’ Young Right Society is exposed on Facebook

The third year Politics student writes for Breitbart


It has been revealed that Jack Hadfield, a third year student studying Politics at Warwick University, acts as an administrator for the Facebook group 'Young Right Society' (YRS), which has over 200 members.

Content within the group includes racist, homophobic and misogynistic humour and opinion, including anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and jokes about the Holocaust.

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Suggested YRS “banner” picture from group moderator Michael Brooks

Hadfield first made headlines in 2015 after refusing to attend consent classes. Since then, Hadfield has gone on to contribute over 200 articles to Breitbart, a far-right American news website.

One user referred to Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was tragically murdered in June 2016, as a "virtue-signalling, more-progressive-than-thou cunt."

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Post and comments on Young Right Society about murdered MP Jo Cox

As administrator, Hadfield is responsible for moderating the group's content and can ban people from the group if their comments are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Instead, it appears that Hadfield focuses more on maintaining the secrecy and security of YRS in the interests of freedom of speech. He stated that "group security is paramount to allow discussion of all ideas, even if you find those ideas abhorrent or even disgusting. Please challenge those who disagree with you, instead of posting their opinions for all and sunder to see."

An anti-Semitic post from London alt-right organiser Chris Ram

Hadfield has stated to the members of the group, some of whom include open fascists and Nazis, that "we tolerate each others ideologies but make no mistake if you don't like it, you know where the door is."

While YRS is presented as "a place for those who are on the Right (basically anything right of centre) to discuss politics, philosophy, and general Right-wing stuff with as little censorship or government intervention as possible," it appears he has made little to no effort to effectively administer and monitor the content of the group.

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Comments from Jack Hadfield and alt-right vlogger Millennial Woes underneath Hadfield’s post, which read: “Post benefits of multiculturalism. I’ll start; the food.”

While some YRS members appear to hold more moderate views, YRS is a platform that feeds opinion of ethno-nationalism, with 47 per cent of respondents to a poll labelling themselves as “ethnic nationalists”, more than any other category.

In another poll, 90 per cent of members voted in favour of ethno-nationalism being accepted as “part and parcel” of YRS.

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An anti-Semitic poll posted on YRS

Hadfield's role as part of the YRS Facebook page has certainly come under question.