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Warwick’s Maddest Fresher 2017 Nominee: Valentin

He’s already spent a night in jail


Our last nominee for Warwick's Maddest Fresher is Valentin, the first-year management student whose wild antics have even seen him arrested.

Valentin, who is originally from Switzerland, has been labelled the "Swiss Legend" of his flat due to his drinking habits.

Valentin "is known to pour drinks with a 80% vodka and 20% mixer ratio" which explains why he probably gets so smashed.

In fact, Valentin got so smashed one night during Freshers' that he ended up getting kicked out of Smack. A pretty standard Thursday night for most Warwick Students, but Valentin went one step further.

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The Swiss student wouldn't accept that the night was over and was apparently "refusing to leave the club." The Smack bouncers called the police and he ended up getting arrested.

The next day he woke up confused in a prison cell and told friends that he couldn't remember anything. Of course, they thought this was hilarious and one of his mates made sure to tell The Tab that "this week he was actually let into Smack."

When we told Valentin that he'd been nominated for Warwick's Maddest Fresher he said: "It feels kind of funny because I usually don't do things like that so I usually don't get to participate in these things."

But, the usually reserved WBS student was happy to be nominated. He told The Tab: "It's something new for me I guess."

Voting for Warwick's Maddest Fresher 2017 will open soon.