Campus Style: Starting the year on trend

Back and better than ever

After a long and leisurely summer we're all returnign to campus. That means back to long bus queues, new fresher faces and trawling The Tab's campus style to see if you made it.

This year, Warwick's upping its game. The first few weeks of term have seen some seriously stylish looks and we picked out some of our favourites.

Without further ado, here are the most stylish students on campus this week.

Polina, first year, Law

Senia, second year, International Management

Altair, second year, Film Studies

Mufaro, first year, Liberal Arts

Oceane, third year, Management

Yasmin, third year, Law & Business

Jimena and Clara, second year, International Management

Marina, third year, Biomedical Sciences

Luke, second year, Accounting & Finance and Aubin, second year, International Management