Finance students at Warwick were set an impossible exam question

Students were notified halfway though the exam

The exam for the 'Principles of Finance' module at Warwick, which took place on Friday morning, was found to have two mistakes in the paper.

Students got told that there was a mistake in the first question halfway through the exam and fifteen minutes later, they were notified of another error in a graph.

Second year student Elena told The Tab: “There were two mistakes. One of which resulted in us not being able to do a whole exercise, as there was a figure missing from a graph.

“We lost so much time and we couldn't really focus because we had to back and forth between the questions."

The department was quick in trying to rectify the situation. They sent an email to the students ensuring that “there will be reasonable steps to ensure that no student will be disadvantaged as a result."

They apologised “unreservedly" and were “particularly sorry that the two typos were not discovered sooner."

The module conductor ensured that external examiners will be consulted to “devise the best way of compensating students in each case."