BREAKING NEWS: Disco Dave is retiring

Don’t go breakin’ my heart

That’s right girls and boys, the DJ we all worship is retiring from our classic Wednesday night’s POP!

Disco Dave, the legendary man who brings us non-stop throwback tunes for midweek mayhem, has decided enough is enough. I’m sure you’re all as shocked as we are. What is going to happen to POP? Will it even continue? What about circling? and Week 10?

But most of all – how can anyone replace our beloved Disco Dave?!

A spokesperson for the legend himself spoke to us exclusively to enlighten the Warwick students on his actions and what’s to come. “Firstly, my client Mr. Disco Dave would like to thank the Warwick students for what he describes as the best years of his life. It is therefore with a heart full of sadness that he has chosen to retire from his Wednesday night gig here at the university. The decison comes after my client recieved and invitation that he simply could not refuse. Disco Dave says he is ready to end this chapter of his life and is looking forward to whats to come.”

Despite this heart wrenching news, we were assured that POP will continue with a new DJ chosen and trained by Disco Dave himself. The new DJ is called Party Paul, and told us he is “ecstatic to take over the iconic gig”.

However, we were also informed that POP! will now take place on Thursday nights in the new academic year, with the new DJ.

Heartbreaking news isn’t it? We send our best to those who have broken hearts. Disco Dave 4eva.

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